E.g., 04/07/2020
E.g., 04/07/2020

think! Latin America: Shining a spotlight on the exploding Latin American language services industry (English)

By: GALA Team, Information

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The GALA think! series was developed in response to the needs of GALA's growing membership. With member companies in more than 50 countries, GALA represents diverse markets and cultures. When it comes to event programming, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work, owing to the specific challenges and opportunities in each market. think! events, such as think! Latin America, are meant to shine a spotlight on regional or sector-specific issues related to the language enterprise.

The language industry in Latin America is growing rapidly. In the past decade, Latin America has experienced dramatic changes with ripples that can be felt in the region’s economy, politics, culture, and beyond. Successful Latin American businesses and executives follow the latest technology trends, implement up-to-date industrial processes, and are often ahead of the curve in the use of social media. Opportunities abound and language service providers are poised to capitalize on the demand created by Latin America’s burgeoning global economy. GALA believes that by working together and learning from each other, Latin American language professionals can grow and develop their own companies and the industry as a whole. think! Latin America is intended to provide a forum for such collaboration and learning.

think! Latin America 2014, will be held next week in Lima, Peru, and will focus on growth strategies for Latin American language services companies. Our team of volunteers*, tasked with identifying needs and building a relevant program, has gathered a cadre of successful professionals to share their knowledge and expertise. The program will address topics like branding and marketing your language business, selecting and implementing technology, and leveraging relationships with competitors in a form of “coopetition” to promote mutual growth and expansion. The event is open to professionals with an interest in building and expanding their language businesses in Latin America, particularly business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and translators. Addressing what it takes to go from local to global, or from start-up to seasoned service provider, the program will offer strategic and practical advice for companies of all sizes.

GALA is delighted to have the participation of several industry leaders including Marcela Reyes (Latitudes), Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones), and Cecilia Maldonado (SpeakLatam), plus many others. (Click here to view all speakers.)

Please follow the event (#thinklatam) and watch for presentations and resources to be posted to GALA onDemand after the event. More information is at www.gala-global.org/think-latin-america.  

* special thanks goes out to the program committee including Fabiano Cid (Ccaps), Maria Cecilia Maldonado (SpeakLatam), Daphne Consigliere (IDIOM), and Evelyn Paredes (Multiling).

** The think! series stems from the Think Latin America brand, founded by Fabiano Cid (Ccaps) and Maria Cecilia Maldonado (SpeakLatam) and acquired by GALA in 2013.  


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