E.g., 03/29/2020
E.g., 03/29/2020

Think Latin America: 21 countries. 2 languages. 1000 ideas.

By: Ccaps Translation and Localization & Latamways

After three successful editions, Think Latin America makes it to Europe.

Organized by GALA members Ccaps and SpeakLatam, Think Latin America is where leading industry experts, strategists, and true decision makers get together to talk about the region that continues to grow and attract investments every day.

Could this growth be because of the more stable economic policies, or the technology transformation that is underway there? Or is it because of the vibrant emerging middle class that is boosting the demand for goods? The doors are open to immense opportunities in the “new” Latin America.

On 17-18 April, the Carton House will host corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and business authorities from every sphere to take them on a tour throughout Latin America and share best practices, strategies, and success stories on what they need to know to enter, sustain, grow, and capture the Latin American market.

Following the promise to offer relevant and appealing content to their audience, Think Latin America organizers matched their words by securing stellar speakers and figures from an exciting mix of government bodies (Brazilian Embassy in Dublin, OECD); research centers and academia (CNGL, Trinity College Dublin); major industry players (GALA, Moravia); global corporations (Symantec, Zynga); and promising start-ups (E-Dublin, Frogtek, Guidecentral).

Some of the topics included in this two-day forum are:

  • Mobile technology and its impact on Latin American small businesses
  • Human resources in Latin America and the recent shifts in the localization arena
  • Opportunities offered by the World Cup and the Olympics
  • Educational systems in Europe and Latin America
  • How Latin America is positioning itself as a tech hub capable of providing world-class software development, content generation, and customer support

Check out this year’s program here.

In addition, GALA, our Strategic Partner, is organizing a preconference workshop as part of the Think Latin America program, which will take place on 16 April at the same venue. This will be a special half-day forum on the subject of industry engagement with academic research, with case studies and discussions from real practitioners. The program structured by CNGL and CRISP (GALA’s Collaborative Research, Innovation, and Standards Program) will focus on emerging markets, crowdsourcing, multilingual content authoring, multimodal interaction in and among communities, new paradigms in industry innovation, renewed efforts around standards, and more.

About Think Latin America:
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