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Technology As A Supplement, Not A Substitute

By Bernard Aherne, Event Director, Global Enterprise Mobility, Workforce and Travel Management 2014

Find out what led the Prysm Group to launch their new Global Enterprise Mobility, Workforce & Travel Management exhibition and conference, being held at ExCeL London across the two days of May 15-16 this year.

Technology has long served to enable businesses to broaden their horizons to seek new opportunities, from the first boats establishing the Sumerian trade routes thousands of years ago to the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries and transatlantic air freight in the mid-20th century. The most recent advance in technology is in many ways the most significant: the internet. It’s enabled companies to think globally about the way they do business, widening their reach to both customers and suppliers anywhere in the world.

But the notion of needing a desktop tied to the wall to conduct international business is so last century. With the new millennium came the first smartphones and 2003’s 3G networks that gave us mobile access to the internet. Suddenly, you didn’t need to be in the office to do business – the office could be in your pocket, liberating business professionals who travel frequently. The same year also saw the launch of Skype and videoconferencing, enabling businesses to communicate from the other side of the world and actually see who they were talking to, without the expense and time cost of international travel.

As the smartphone market matured, Apple launched the first app store in 2008, since when there have been more than 10 billion downloads, including a plethora of translation apps to aid international business, such as iTranslate and Google Translate (also available on Android handsets). These are just a handful of ways that technology has driven business forwards at a rate that is accelerating exponentially and there’s no denying that businesses around the world have benefitted enormously from each of these developments.

For all the advances in technology, business remains about the process of two people or organizations doing business together. The bottom line may be about generating profit, but facilitating that is the ongoing development and management of relationships. And it would be dangerous to underestimate the benefits of meeting face-to-face to secure or cement business. It’s on those rare occasions when we are able to meet distant customers, suppliers or partners that businesses realize leaps forward in their international business.

That’s why event organizers, Prysm Group, have created the Global Enterprise Mobility, Workforce & Travel Management exhibition; to help drive international business forward. The free-to-attend show has been designed to support and inspire businesses working on the global stage, with the opportunity to network with more than 6,000 visitors at ExCeL London across the two days of May 15-16 2014.

It’s an exciting new exhibition that runs in conjunction with The Business Show, Europe's largest event of its kind. Prysm decided to capitalize on their 13 years’ experience of running world-class business exhibitions, by launching an event that is entirely dedicated to international trade – including enterprise mobility management, workforce management and travel management. The show offers a blend of seminars, workshops, exhibitors and networking, with a strong focus on new revolutionary business technology.

Businesses looking to innovate the way it works internationally and discover emerging technology or solutions that could increase efficiency or cut costs, can learn more about the event at www.globalmobilitylive.co.uk.  

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