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Reduce Stress by Using a Simple System

By: Stacey Brown-Sommers, President - Mindlink Resources, Inc.

03 February 2016

Have you ever met someone who was totally on top of everything, completely caught up with their inbox, done with all the projects that they wanted to do? If you know someone like this, can you introduce them to me?  I think the last time I was caught up on email was 1995 (when I was still using aol). Today, show me an empty inbox and I’ll show you an extinct dodo bird.

dodo bird

It’s no wonder we all stress. We have so many inputs coming at us all day between our families, work, social life, and other commitments. We’re all buried under a mountain of “shoulds”. It feels impossible to think about digging out to even take the time to think about doing something more efficiently.

I’ve learned that part of the trick is limiting the inputs that come into your life. For example, if you shop for gifts at one or two of your favorite stores, you save time you might otherwise wander around a shopping center. Remember, you are a busy entrepreneur! You don’t have time to wander and search for the best deals. By having your favorites, you save time, you limit stress, you create loyalty.

Here’s a few ways to do that in your translation business:

  1. Select your favorite tools, systems, programs and stick to them.
  2. Have an established workflow for every interaction with your clients. Minimally, you should have a simple system for handling these customer communications for every project:
    • Setting up a New Client,
    • Receiving Projects,
    • Delivering Projects,
    • Invoicing Clients, and
    • Requesting Feedback.
  3. Remove awkward conversations by establishing agreements before you start.
  4. Quit saying “yes” to everything. We just can’t be good at everything. Try being great at one thing. You’ll be surprised at how much further that gets you.

Stacey Brown-Sommers

Stacey Brown is the Talent Management Specialist and President of Mindlink Resources, LLC. She has a passion for surrounding herself with talented people. For the past 15 years she has successfully built teams of contractors providing a variety of services at large fortune 500 companies in the Pacific Northwest. She specifically has over 12 years of experience recruiting, training and managing QA specialists. Stacey has a degree in Communications and an MBA in Technology Management. She has recently received her certification to be a whole-person coach. She lives with her partner, step-daughter, and two cats in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State.