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E.g., 04/08/2020

Re-Cap: LavaCon 2013

LavaCon engages attendees every year with industry leaders in content strategy and multichannel digital publishing. This year was no exception. After welcoming everyone to LavaCon on Monday morning, conference organizer Jack Molisani started off with opening keynote speakers Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, Kapil Verma, and Sarah O’Keefe, who covered the role of the content strategy professional and the velocity of today’s ever changing workflow to provide information for the customer. Jack continued to up the ante on Monday evening with keynote speakers Jose Sermeno (MadCap), Noz Urbina (Mekon Ltd), and Lori Fisher (IBM), who made the case for getting investment in content strategy and how that solves business problems.

LavaCon 2013 Speaker Gallery:

User experience professional Nick Finck started off Tuesday talking about how content strategy fits into the user experience. He focused on how to provide a good experience for customers, and how to integrate content strategy into your current digital design practice. Aaron Fulkerson from Mindtouch fired up Tuesday lunchtime attendees talking about using content as a strategic framework to transform the customer experience. Joe Gollner channeled the television show Breaking Bad to drive home his point about breaking bad content at Wednesday’s lunch session. Gollner explored the techniques that can be applied in any organization to force out bad content and to make good content the order of the day. Attendees ended their LavaCon 2013 conference experience on Wednesday afternoon with Andrew Thomas (SDL), Thomas Aldous (Acrolinx), and Ann Rockley (The Rockley Group). Andrew Thomas provided a glimpse of common sense and wisdom around structured content, and Thomas Aldous followed up with the key components on making content strategy happen: governance, optimization, and analytics. As the final presenter, Ann Rockley closed things out by looking ahead to the future of content strategy.

LavaCon was started in 2002 in Hawaii (hence the name) so attendees could get away from back-to-back deadlines and de-stress long enough to take care of their corporate and professional development.  LavaCon's mission is "to produce quality educational conferences where attendees learn innovative ways to reduce costs, generate revenue and adapt to market changes."

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