E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

QA Check

By: Johannes Purer, Managing Director - PURETRANS Language Services e.U.

Hi, I'm trying to get some advice or tips by the GALA community on an issue which we have for some time now, but were not able to find a solution so far. But I'm sure that we are not the only TSP facing this issue, so maybe you have a solution for us you want/can share.

What's the issue now? We have a client in the medical devices industry, for whom it is absolutely necessary that the same sentence is ALWAYS translated the same way. Or an almost identical sentence keeps the major part of the previous translation and only the actual difference in the source file is adapted, leaving the rest of the sentence unchanged.

Okay, you might say, work with a TM tool and your problem solved.

Unfortunately that's not that easy. As there are people working on the files and not machines, translators or proofreaders decide from time to time to change an existing sentence, although they are told not to do this.

Is there a tool for automatically checking a translated file if it contains deviations from the TM?

I have not found a tool yet that is capable of doing exactly that. There are QA tools checking inconsistencies of matches within a file or a bunch of files, but none of these tools is back-checking with the TM itself, it the consistency with the TM is maintained.

In a first step it would be nice to have this done for 100% matches, but of course if that can be expanded to high fuzzy matches, the tool would be even more appreciated. If you have any ideas, please let me (us) know.

Many thanks,
Johannes Purer

Johannes Purer