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E.g., 07/03/2020

New GALA Blog: Global Career Roadmap

By: Stephanie Gabriel, Global Business Consultant

24 September 2019

Ella Fitzgerald once said "it isn't where you came from; it's where you're going that counts." While true in many cases, when it comes to careers, learning where our mentors and role models come from can give us valuable insights into our own career paths. Particularly in localization, where we encounter such a diversity in fields of study, career entry points, professional backgrounds, personal histories, and lived experiences, the similarities and differences in the paths taken can help us understand what our own growth potential is, what opportunities exist that we may have left unexplored, what our true passions are, and how we can employ those to fashion our unique career path in the globalization and localization industry.

If you have ever wondered how people in interesting positions got to where they are and how you can replicate their success, or if you want to see what you might have in common, this will be the right blog series for you. Over the coming eight months the series will spotlight eight professionals in the localization industry who have advanced in their careers. The stories illustrate how the small decisions we make along the way, like deciding to learn a language, study abroad, pursue an internship, or learn a new skill can have big impacts on our professional development. They remind us that not all career paths are straight, and that the winding path can be the one leading to professional success and satisfaction. Whether you are new to the translation and localization industry or are established in your career, this blog series aims to educate and inspire you with stories of drive, passion and sometimes, a little bit of luck.

Stephanie Gabriel

Growing up in Hawai’i, surrounded by diverse cultures and languages, I developed a natural interest in transforming words. After studying French and German in Portland, Oregon, I moved to Europe and worked as a translator there. This early experience, along with my desire to help and teach, have prepared me very well for my 15+ year career in localization. In addition to working with clients, I enjoy writing, swimming, walking and traveling.