E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

memoQfest 2013

By: Sándor Papp, Event Marketing Manager - memoQ Translation Technologies

When we were organizing the program for memoQfest 2013, GALA contacted us with a suggestion for a panel presentation. The topic for this discussion was, “Price isn't everything: Positioning for growth, not price wars.” It is clearly one of the most important issues which could be brought up at a conference and Kilgray is very honored that GALA wants to discuss this at our conference. The tendency to compete exclusively on price has been strong in recent years. However, as many of us know, lower prices can result in more expensive translations with the end customer having to pay more for corrections. Or they can lose business to their competitors with more accurate or better quality translations.

This important debate will end the first day of memoQfest 2013. The conference takes place on 9 and 10 May. The pre-conference day on 8 May will feature two memoQ master classes, one for translators and the other for project managers. memoQfest is Kilgray’s user conference but it is much more than just a user conference. This year’s conference takes place in the very beautiful and historic Gundel restaurant. (This is a world class restaurant!)

Our keynote speaker at memoQfest is Richard Brooks who will be talking about his first 100 days as CEO of K-International. Other speakers include Ulrika Fuchs, Bente Skrydstrup Hansen, Stefan Gentz, Miklos Urban, Kevin Lossner, Jean-Marie Guyot, Alexander Slepak, Christian Bunse, Adam Kilgariff, Thomas Vackier, James Wardell, Juliet Macan, and Aline Christoph. Marek Pawelec will be talking about the memoQ training he did in Africa for Translators without Borders and will be leading a huddle on regular expressions. These memoQ huddles are a new feature of the conference. Small groups will be able to work with technology experts.

I shall not write much about the Kilgray technology presentation, other than it is called memoQ “memoQ 6.5 - The Love Story.”

Anyone who has been to one of the five previous memoQfest (or memoQfest USA or  memoQfest.hu) will know of the great networking opportunities. This year the conference dinner will take place in the Öbölház Restaurant which is famous for its beautiful Danube panorama.

The conference will end with a very heated discussion. We have invited our users to bring up any issues they wish and demand answers. The title of this session shows what to expect. It is called, “The User Strikes Back” and it will end memoQfest 2013. I hope you are able to join us. If not please follow #memoqfest during 8-10 May.

Sándor Papp