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E.g., 03/30/2020

Localize To Globalize: Is Your Website Packing A Punch?

By: Wagner Consulting LLC

13 January 2016

Approximately 56.2% of consumers feel that the ability to obtain information in their own language takes precedence over price. A further study indicated that 72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to purchase a product online that has information in their own language.

Speaking the language of the customers’ is perhaps one of the most overused metaphors you may come across. Yet it does not decrease the significance of the statement. With more than half of your target audience unwilling to purchase from foreign language websites, what can you do to enhance their buying experience? Translate it. Not just that. Instead, LOCALIZE your website to reach your global clients! Here’s why this is your first stepping stone to global growth:

1.     Boosting Your Brand’s Bottom Line Performance

It’s as simple as that. Localization can literally impact your sales. In 2011, a study was conducted by Gallup survey of language preferences among internet users in 23 European Union countries. The results corroborated the above-mentioned fact: 42% said they never purchase products and services in other languages. By translating your website into the target audience’s language, you allow them the comfort of purchasing from a now familiar, and hence, credible source.

2.     Connects With Local Clients

Business isn’t simply about ‘selling’. It’s about developing a long term relationship that is valuable for both, customers as well as individuals. When you localize your website to meet the needs of a niche audience, you communicate to them that your business cares. There’s no denying that markets are getting more and more competitive. The fact that your business is going out of your way to make an impact will not go unnoticed.

3.     Reduces the Risk Associated With Culture Clash

A survey was conducted among high school students to deduce the perception of color across cultures. In a total of 20 countries, students were asked to rate 7 colors in 12 semantic differential items. The result proved exactly how different cultures appreciate colors differently. The color purple is associated with ‘expensive’ in Japanese and South Korean cultures. In contrast, respondents from the United States associated the color as being ‘inexpensive.’

This is why localizing your website and all other application as per specific cultures will increase the chances of its acceptability. Your professional translation and localization agency will ensure that your business steers clear from portraying anything negative or offensive on your website, reducing risks of liability.

Whether you’re looking for Danish translators or Finnish to English translator, Wagner Consulting International has all the expertise to localize your website so that it packs a punch! Visit our website, http://vip-translator.com/index.php/en/ for more information.