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E.g., 06/07/2020

Language Service Providers with ISO 9001 or equivalent certification: Inttracom

Inttranews announces the launch of Inttracom (www.inttracom.net), an exclusive, global network of Language Service Providers with ISO 9001 or equivalent quality certification.

The main objectives of Inttracom are to:

i) highlight the quality of the language services offered by network members,
ii) generate business for network members, as partners, co-contractors and sub-contractors,
iii) serve as the primary source of business information for the language industry worldwide, and
iv) enable certified LSPs to leverage the competitive advantage they offer,
v) provide a complete range of services designed and developed specifically for certified LSPs,
vi) provide customers worldwide with access to network members' services via a multilingual website, available in all the languages spoken by network members.


The network consists of Lead Companies, and Members.

Lead Companies

The first company in a country / state to join Inttracom is invited to act as Lead Company for that country / state, and figure first in search results for services within it.

In return for this privilege, in order to highlight the network’s linguistic diversity and facilitate access to its members’ services, lead companies translate the static content of the Inttracom website (approx. 750 words) into a language of their choice.

To ensure network operation is fair, no member may be the Lead Company for more than one country / state.


To date, the network has lead companies for the following countries: Belgium, Egypt, Estonia (pending), Finland, France, Greece, Hungary (pending), India (National Capital Region of Delhi), Poland (pending), Portugal, South Korea, Turkey, UK (England, Wales).

The network has member companies in the following countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA.


Inttracom members must have ISO 9001 certification or an equivalent certification.


Members of Inttracom pay a single annual fee of € 150 per year, in the form of an Inttranews™ group subscription.

The same annual fee entitles the member’s head office and any branch offices it may have in any country to benefit from Inttracom services.

Inttranews™ is the leading source of news for the language industry worldwide with some 45,000 readers in over 140 countries [source: Google Analytics]

The Inttranews™ group subscription enables each Inttracom member to

i) track day-by-day market moves,
ii) co-brand the daily news bulletin with its company's logo,
iii) distribute it to an unlimited number of guests, and
iv) issue press releases on its activities free of charge


Members can promote their membership in an exclusive, global network of certified language service providers to existing customers and prospects.

They benefit from a multilingual search system enabling access for customers worldwide, and from all the services available on the Inttracom and Inttranews websites.

In particular, the Inttracom membership fee includes access to a global RFP alert service by e-mail. Over the past months (01.08.2009 – 01.09.2010), the business information available to the network included 118 RFPs, and 2 translation companies for sale, representing a total business potential of EUR 26 million [source: Inttranews archives].

These RFPs involved the following countries / states:

Alabama, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, California, Canada, Finland, Florida, France, Gaza, Georgia, Germany, Indiana, Ireland, Italy, Kosoovo, Kyrgyzstan, Maryland, Missouri, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Texas, UK, Ukraine, Wales, Washington, West Virginia, Yemen.

Through the network, Inttracom members can reply to any RFP in any field requiring any language combination, with consistently high quality, using standard, multilingual CVs for their sub-contractors, at competitive rates.


  1. Inttracom members are entitled to display the Inttracom logo on their website, and in their communication, highlighting their membership in an exclusive, global network of certified language service providers.
  2. A complete list of on-line newspapers and free PR distribution sites is included on the website for use by members.
  3. All members’ press releases are distributed via Inttranews free of charge (see Inttranews terms and conditions).
  4. A PR page is included in each language version of the Inttracom website for members’ use, in which to publish their press releases.
  5. Inttracom members are provided with standard PR letters and press releases for their use.


If your company has ISO 9001 or equivalent quality certification and you wish to join the network, simply fill in the application form under the “Join Inttracom” section on the Inttracom website.

In all cases, Inttracom lead companies will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the date of effective membership.

Inttracom is designed to be the prime source of new ideas, technology, markets, products, services, business revenue and partners, in which quality is always the competitive advantage.

For more information, please contact Malcolm Duff ([email protected])