E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

ITI Contributes to Next-Gen Professional Education

By: ITI Ltd.

It has long been acknowledged that, “curricula in higher educational establishments fail to keep up with the speed and intensity of the technology revolution, as driven by the rapid development of information-communicative technologies.”* This applies to translating and localization in no small measure.

That is why for ITI the last academic year has been marked by taking active steps to narrow the gap between education in higher educational establishments and the actual knowledge required of graduates for successful performance in the modern industry of translation.

Based on our extensive experience of introducing novice interpreters and project managers to all the subtleties of operating with terminology, quality metrics, and CAT-tools, we delivered two lectures: one for students of Smolensk University of the Humanities (SUH) in April, and one for young specialists at the Russian Reporter Summer School localization workshop in August. Julia Akhulkova (Head of the Localization Department in ITI) delivered both seminars based on the needs of the specific audiences. For the SUH students, she presented a basic introductory course on localization with a specific focus on machine translation. In August, together with colleagues from Memsource and SmartCAT, Julia joined a group of speakers in a localization workshop held for educational purposes by the "Levsha" company near Dubna, where she told young specialists about particular aspects of terminology and translation quality management.

We see these lectures as beneficial since courses on CAT, MT, and other translation technologies are scarce. There are various immersion courses and workshops trainees can avail themselves of, but mostly as optional classes and not as full-credit courses. Or, alternatively, as professional retraining programs.

At ITI, we believe partnering with educators provides mutual benefit and we encourage other companies to consider how to get involved in the training of our next-generation professionals. In order to find out more about the essential tenets of each lecture we presented this year, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are looking forward to continuing this educational tradition in the next academic year and are open for suggestions from universities and kindred spirits.

* Quoted from: "The use of web-semantics for the improvement of curricula of higher educational establishments."