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E.g., 04/01/2020

Introducing Students to the Daily Routine of the Translation Business

By: Sales Manager, Business Development Manager - EUROTRADUS

10 December 2015

Earlier this year EUROTRADUS familiarized future graduates with the latest trends in the translation market. We organized lectures and workshops in the three biggest Lithuanian universities (read more). Now we have moved one step forward, inviting students to visit us.

“Well, theory is important, but not enough; we wanted to show students how the translation business looks in the reality”, says Dainius Sabaliauskas, CEO of the company.

First-year translation students of Kaunas Technology University were invited to come to our office in Vilnius. We discussed the profession of the translator in general: flexibility, existing stereotypes, finding an appropriate balance between translation speed and quality and selection procedures for translators.

The importance of technologies in today’s translation business was emphasized. We presented a modern process of project management and talked about quality requirements for translation services. Needless to say, we introduced students to Computer-Assisted Translation tools, Quality Assurance tools and Machine Translation software. The students were encouraged to use the translation technologies from the very beginning of their studies.   

About EUROTRADUS. EUROTRADUS is a translation agency in Lithuania that provides translation services from/to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian, as well as many other languages of the world. EUROTRADUS specializes in technical translations, software localization, medical and pharmaceutical translations; financial, legal and marketing translations.

For more information, please visit our website: www.eurotradus.eu.

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