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How Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing can Benefit From Content Localization

By: Sean Hopwood, President - Day Translations, Inc.

25 February 2016

Websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and other similar sites help visionaries make their ideas reality through crowdfunding. However, most of those sites are entirely written in English. If they want to solicit support from potential funds providers who don’t speak English, it’s only logical that they’ll need multiple localized versions of their sites. This provides a great opportunity for Language Service Providers.

Even if a popular Crowdfunding site offers local solutions, services, products and ideas, they’ll still have people from other countries (and non-English speakers) looking at their campaigns, visiting their website and social media sites. These people can greatly benefit (and even convert) by being presented with a version of the site in their native language.

The benefits of localization to Crowdsourcing websites looking to expand their markets are undeniable; giving them a wider global audience, higher SERP, greater recognition and more social exposure. So the question for the owner of a Crowdfunding site shouldn’t be “why should I localize my website?” as much as “who should localize my website?”

LSPs looking to break into the localization market for Crowdfunding websites then, should focus on these essential points:

1. How Can I Make This Cost-Effective for the Client? – Remember that in most cases, in fact all cases, crowdfunding sites come from humble beginnings. As low budget start-ups, even if they have gathered national or international success and recognition, many still retain that “bootstrap” culture and won’t have a budget allocated for translation and localization. LSPs then, need to keep in mind:

  • Cost Reduction – Many, if not all, LSPs make use of international work forces, not only from an obvious point of view, in that they must provide all world languages, but as an economical business model. Where programming expertise can teamed with linguistic excellence, at lower costs, this translates into two-fold benefit for the client.
  • Long Term Profit – Access to millions of potential new funds providers in geographically and culturally studied and profiled audiences will secure potentially uncapped profits and growth for the company and will enormously outweigh localization investment.

2. How Can I Reach My Client in Their Infancy Stages? – As any LSP knows, the process of localization is best done in the beginning at the source code. LSPs then, should be working with Crowdfunding sites at the grass root level to ensure that their sites and products are multiple languages ready and their focus for international growth (or potential growth) starts at an earlier stage.

3. How Can I Ensure Multiple Device Compatibility? - Any LSP considering bidding for a localization project for a crowdfunding site, will need to ensure that their programming team is trained and capable of ensuring compatibility on multiple devices and systems.

4. How Can I Deliver an Error-Free, Bug-Free Localized Product? – Testing. Testing. Testing. Extensive, exhausting localization and linguistic testing through multiple regions, by many users. From error font format to dialog boxes, error messages to shopping cart programing. You can never over-test.

There’s never been a more exciting time for LSPs. We get to take our passion for languages and combine it to wear marketing and programming hats as well, joining forces with talent from all continents. We can only improve global communications and technology moving forward. And that’s an exciting thing to know.


Sean Hopwood

Day Translations Inc. is a company that is devoted to the improvement of global communication. By helping both corporations and the individual, we are providing more than a necessary service; we are developing opportunities for greater sympathy and understanding. Our mission is to help with the preservation of languages by providing perfect translations and accurate interpretations. We do so all the while maintaining a standard of customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.