E.g., 07/03/2020
E.g., 07/03/2020

Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020

By: Kåre Lindahl, CEO - Venga Global

21 January 2020

What an amazing year 2019 was for GALA. We had our largest ever conference in beautiful München, bringing together over 500 industry colleagues. It was several days filled with high-quality presentations, networking with friends, and fun evening activities. At the conference, we also officially launched our new roadmap for the next 5 years. If you want a refresher click here. Combining this with ongoing activities like the GALA webinar series, SIGs, and publications, it all makes for a successful and hectic year.

This doesn’t happen in isolation - all of these activities happen because people volunteer their time and knowledge. Members like us who give back to the community. I want to thank all of you who presented at the conference or in a webinar, wrote a blog, took part in a SIG, were part of the program committee, or commented on the roadmap. I think you get my drift: we are only as strong as we make it together. On that note, we would love to hear from you about your member experience and how we can shape our future through our member survey - please complete before Jan 24, 2020.

In 2019, we went from 399 active members to 442, an increase of over 11% in just one year. And continuing to grow that number is a key priority for 2020 and beyond.

Another big thank you goes out to the GALA staff, from our Executive Director Allison Ferch, to the rest of the team: Manuela Noske, Alicia Deadrick, Jessica DiPietro, and Alexandra Dwyer. Without their dedication, warmth, and mysterious magic, none of the above would have been possible.

I had the honor to serve as chairperson of GALA in 2019 and as the year has come to an end, I would also like to thank Klaus Fleischmann, Kaleidoscope (Austria) and Wafaa Mohiy, Saudisoft (Egypt) as they conclude their time on the board. Board members represent every GALA member and work with the executive director and the rest of the team to continuously improve the benefits of being a GALA member. The work Klaus and Wafaa have achieved over the past 4 years is a great example of dedicated volunteerism.

Finally, I am pleased to announce the structure of the new GALA board for 2020:

  • Chairperson - Pedro Gomez
  • Vice Chairperson - Marie Flacassier
  • Secretary - Patrick Nunes
  • Treasurer - Kåre Lindahl
  • Program Committee liaison - María Jesús de Arriba Díaz
  • Marketing - Alessandra Binazzi
  • TAPICC Board Representative - Balázs Kis

So let’s kickstart 2020 with new and brilliant ideas and continue our journey along the roadmap. And don't forget to start packing your bags for the 2020 GALA conference in San Diego on March 15-18. I hope to see you all there.

Kåre Lindahl

Raised in Sweden, Kåre lived in the UK for 10 years before relocating to the US to join the IT boom in Silicon Valley. With over 20 years experience in high-tech gained by serving in executive roles within companies such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Hogia, Kåre is now CEO of Venga Global, a specialized full-service translation and localization company working with some of the biggest names in technology brands. Follow Kåre @karelindahl.