E.g., 04/08/2020
E.g., 04/08/2020

Generosity Abounds: GALA Members Give in 2011

By: GALA Team, Information

In her recent post in the Huffington Post, Nataly Kelly, Chief Research Officer for Common Sense Advisory, highlighted the research firm’s annual ‘shout out’ to translation and interpreting companies that support humanitarian causes. The list compiled every year calls attention to the fact that in our oh-so-global world, language can often be the barrier that prevents people from getting the knowledge or information they need.

GALA wholeheartedly supports this effort to recognize those who have given a little extra.  As an organization run by an active volunteer board and supported by numerous volunteers throughout our member companies, we understand the commitment and energy required to add pro bono work to your day.  We also know that many who give to GALA, or participate in the association as a member, also give to humanitarian causes around the world.  In fact, we were pleased to see so many GALA companies on the list, a grand total of 27 GALA member companies.  An extra thank you to:

Amesto Translations

Applied Language Solutions

Babylon Translations

Ccaps Translation


Conversis, Ltd.


Folio Online

Global textware

In Every Language

ISI Translation Services


Logrus International


Multilingual Computing

Priebe & Associates



Sandberg Translation Partners

Schreiber Translations

SDL International

Skrivanek s.r.o.




Verztec Consulting

If you gave but are not on this list, thank you!  Next year, let Common Sense Advisory know of your great work.  Until then, thanks for all the great work in the language and localization  industry, bringing more knowledge to more people around the world.

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