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Generation Y – Do you speak their language?

By: Elena Arau, Marketing Manager, Conversis - CONVERSIS

08 June 2016

Born in the era of Internet, generation Y are well-accustomed to and constantly plugged into smart-phones, tablets and other gadgets that have become an extension of their fast-paced, high-speed environment. They tend to communicate quicker and more effectively through social media, e-mails or text messaging. Over the years, this need for high-speed communications has resulted in the development and regular use of abbreviations, acronyms, emojis and symbols.

The English language has certainly come a long way since its Shakespearean days and the Millennial contribution is probably the most dramatic so far. There is a struggle in communication between generations because of their lingo differences. The discrepancy between Gen Y and their elders is more prevalent than any other in the past.

Why is it important for the world to speak the digital native’s language? 

We live in a world where progress is dictated by technological breakthroughs. The Millennials are now entering the job market and so understanding not only their language but also their aspirations and main characteristics is essential for a company to strive.

The Millennials are globally-oriented. Due to the economic crises, many have experienced and been shaped by some sort of social trauma due to massive unemployment during their youth. They wouldn't bet on the fact that the current economic situation will stay the way it is, so they are always ready to leave. Due to the massive migration process, they often tend to speak more than one language fluently.

If you are an employer who wants to retain critical talent, you therefore need to understand that the Millennials, while enjoying a good challenge, may also seek for guidance or mentorship. The baby-boomer’s high level of commitment or loyalty to a company is no longer present with Millennials who, comfortable with novelty and changes, are not afraid to change companies until they find the best fit for them.

It is very important to understand the Gen Y’s language and how to communicate with them. Long formal e-mails just won’t do. Seniority is not something they relate to either, so keeping a casual, empathetic tone is key to sending the right message across.

According to Dr. Mark Hooper, Director of Conversis Medical, “Industry is certainly starting to acknowledge the need to embrace different ways to communicate to the target audiences. Communication campaigns are no longer hard-copy or digital, they must be both. Engaging the Y(ounger) generation in their own preferred way of ‘speaking’, e.g. via social media, apps, games or texts, can extend your audience and deliver more ‘bang for your advertising buck’. Get out there and take advantage of the technology channels! We’ve seen this improve the compliance and retention of participants in campaigns and trials both in general marketing and in the healthcare field.”

This post originally appeared on the Conversis blog

Elena Arau

I am a Senior Communications Executive working for Conversis, a translation and localisation company based in Bicester, United Kingdom.