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E.g., 04/07/2020

GALA in the Year Ahead: Association Goals and Growth

By: Robert Etches, CIO

19 January 2016

Dear GALA member,

The association’s activities in the past year have centered on building a solid foundation for the organization’s growth and improving our capacity to support member engagement. In 2015, we achieved a number of goals:

  1. We launched a new, consolidated platform for enhanced member experience, better access to current resources, better visibility for members, and enablement of future member collaboration.
  2. We revised GALA’s Bylaws and gained membership approval, allowing for all members to participate in GALA leadership and voting.
  3. We created a streamlined “Partner Program” to enable more collaboration with a wider body of organizations.
  4. We completed our maiden year of the new Ambassador Program with five ambassadors engaging in various aspects of GALA’s programming and activities.
  5. We hosted GALA’s largest annual conference to date.
  6. We published GALA’s first‐ever community developed white paper, “Understanding Key Factors to Assess Globalization and Localization Providers.”

Looking ahead to 2016, we want to build on our momentum, further demonstrating GALA’s ability to congregate our members for meaningful experiences, both online and in person. We are better positioned to support member‐to‐member collaboration, growth of our membership numbers, and delivery of a superior membership experience. Our goals for 2016 are:

  1. Launch and nurture a dynamic community: make GALA’s web platform a place for real collaboration and information exchange among members and other web visitors.
  2. Invest in content development to increase member value and raise the credibility of GALA.
  3. Continue to grow GALA’s organizational capacity and professionalism.
  4. And, most importantly of all, continue working towards the goal of making GALA the natural community for all players in this most exciting of industries!

To kick off 2016, we are asking members to give us feedback on their experience in the past year and input for the year ahead.  We have sent all members a link to the Annual Member Survey. If you did not receive this link, please do reach out to us and we will make sure you have a chance to share your feedback: [email protected]  

Wishing you and your family the very best for 2016. 

Yours faithfully,

The GALA Staff and Board

Robert Etches

Robert Etches is currently Head of Translation Innovation at Semantix, the leading language company in the Nordics. A part of the industry for 30 years, Robert has worked with every aspect of it, from freelance translation to top management and everything in between. Always active in the community, Robert was co-founder of the Word Management Group (1996), the TextMinded Group (2007), and the Nordic CAT Group (2011). He served four years (2013-2016) on the Board of GALA (two as Chairman), and is currently a board member at LT-Innovate. The power of sharing, innovation and a passion for language: these are what still get him out of bed in the morning!