E.g., 06/07/2020
E.g., 06/07/2020

GALA hosts November networking event in Rosario, Argentina

By: GALA Team, Information

The city of Rosario is often referred to as the birthplace of the Argentine localization industry.  No better place then to host a GALA networking event to discuss the issues facing the region in 2011, and with the event held in the JUNIN restaurant - a modern version of the traditional Argentine steakhouse (parrilla) - serving the very best of national food and wine, its success was virtually guaranteed. Over 30 people representing more than 16 companies, the majority from Buenos Aires, Cordoba and the host city of Rosario, were present to share thoughts and ideas on a wonderful spring evening.  In true latin style, midnight was long gone before the lively discussions came to an end and the final farewells were made.

Each company provided a brief introduction of their operations as well as an indication of hopes and fears for the year ahead.  Common threads in terms of the former included a growing sense of confidence in Argentina as a place for Spanish localization expertise, whereas increasing economical challenges and a lack of understanding by educational institutions of the changing needs for professional linguists offered substantial fuel for the latter.  The emergence of local companies with infrastructures to match Europe and North America, covering a full service range from translation to desktop publishing, project management, localization engineering & testing as well as to multimedia focused activities has firmly put Argentina on the language services map.  The inevitable focus on Latin America when it comes to market significance means the industry is looking for a natural successor to Spain when it comes to producing Spanish, and there is no doubt that Argentina has the credentials and is best placed to provide it.  The flip side of the coin is undoubtedly the rising inflation, bringing production overheads in an upward spiral that is in stark contrast with the rest of the world.  The perception of Latin America as a low cost environment adds further complication, and the challenge for the regional industry will no doubt be to manage its conversion from a low cost to a high quality proposition.  On the conclusions from the Rosario event, there is no doubt that Argentina has the fundamentals to meet every challenge posed and will continue from strength to strength.  Let’s just hope that national governance will allow it to happen…

Teddy Bengtsson, Idea Factory Languages





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