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E.g., 03/30/2020

GALA Buenos Aires Networking Event

By: Maria Gabriela Morales, Director - Translated in Argentina

06 December 2018

On 10 November more than 25 localization industry players, including localization companies and freelancers, gathered in Buenos Aires for a second GALA Networking Event in Argentina. The first one took place more than 10 years ago in Rosario. It was about time to meet again in our own country, since we normally only get together during different events abroad.

We work in a technology-based industry, but with a strong people-based foundation. Gatherings like these make it possible to keep the best part alive. So let’s do it more often.

We have compiled some feedback from the attendees, both GALA members and non-members, so they can share their own experiences. On behalf of Translated in Argentina we would like to thank GALA for providing the framework so all of our colleagues that were brave enough to get out in the pouring rain were able to meet and enjoy a few hours of networking.

“It’s always a pleasure to meet with industry colleagues from our region in a more relaxed setting to talk, catch up and share plans. Localization is a remarkably collaborative field, so it’s great when we have the opportunity to compare notes and ideas - thank you GALA and TinA!”
Sarah Dedomenici, Business Development, SpanSource

“Despite the heavy rain that was falling and the traffic jam I ran into some kilometers before the restaurant, I found very warm people inside and a welcoming environment. I had the valuable and unique opportunity to get to know in person people I already knew via social media and Skype, and I also met new people. We shared thoughts and opinions in a co-operative and open-minded spirit.”
Germán Garis, CEO, GeaSpeak

“In spite of the exceptionally heavy rain in Buenos Aires, everyone welcomed me warmly at the GALA networking event. And I had the chance to meet colleagues with a proud track record. It would be great to have more events like these here!”
Verónica Mastronardi, www.exegesistrans.com

"It has been a wonderful networking experience! All of us together having lunch and sharing news about our challenging industry helps us grow as a business and human beings. These events always add value. Thank you for putting it together!"
Cecilia Poratti, Partner, Essence Translations

“This was my first GALA event. I was very excited to participate because this was a perfect opportunity to meet experienced colleagues, keep abreast of innovations in the industry and strengthen bonds. I would like to thank GALA for the opportunity to open attendance to those who are not members. I learned so much and I left the place full of ideas for improving my career and my translation services. Special thanks to TinA for the effective organization and for making everybody feel at home. Undoubtedly, see you next time!”
Verónica Cremades, Language Concept

Maria Gabriela Morales

María Gabriela Morales is the founder of Rosario Traducciones y Servicios, an innovative translation and localization company based in Rosario, Argentina, specializing in Latin American languages (Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese). In 1995, Gabriela opened the office of Lazoski, Beninatto & Associados — the first translation company in the region. After that, she managed the South American Spanish operations of LMI and Berlitz in Argentina and Chile. She has a degree in both English into Spanish and French into Spanish translation.

Gabriela served on the GALA Board from 2008 to 2009. She is also a founding member of Translated in Argentina, a non-profit association for the localization industry in Argentina.