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E.g., 06/07/2020

GALA Amsterdam Networking Event

By: Cristiana Luppi, Production Manager - Crestec Europe B.V.

30 May 2019

It was just after GALA Munich that we were encouraged by a former Board member to host a GALA regional networking event in Amsterdam: this city would be perfect to gather people interested in localization to spend a fun evening together.

Hoping for good weather, we fixed the date for mid-May, booked the café and sent the invitations weeks before the event. With the help of GALA, announcements were made in different social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, and the number of people who subscribed kept on growing. Then the evening came, guests started to arrive and very quickly our table got busy: the newcomers were introduced to the other participants and more and more threads of conversations started and intermingled.
There was so much to talk about, surely related with localization since that was the common thread that was uniting us all with explanations being exchanged about our roles, challenges, previous companies and current bosses, difficult and favourite clients. All this was mixed with talks about music, holiday destinations, dancing, cost of living in the different cities in the world, our children and how difficult it is to raise them, especially when they hit puberty. In other words, our lives! This made the event very friendly, relaxed and natural, with no specific goal other than exchanging experiences, share life stories and spend a nice evening together.
The time flew by and while some people had to leave to catch a train by the time the event was supposed to end, others were arriving. It was amazing to see participants coming from Rotterdam, Den Haag and even Groningen, not to mention those who flew from San Francisco for work and happened to be in town or those who came originally from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil or Belarus and settled in The Netherlands.
There was not one language spoken but several, including Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and of course Dutch and English. It went beyond being a regional event and it became truly International, and this is precisely the spirit not only of this city but also of GALA as an association. It was a truly nice event that connected different people of sometimes completely different backgrounds and with very different jobs for one evening.
We look forward to making this happen again soon!

Cristiana Luppi

Cristiana has 18 years of experience working in various international and dynamic environments, mainly in leadership roles as team and department manager. She has vast experience in the software localization and technical communication industry with focus on quality and vendor management, process improvement and optimization