E.g., 06/02/2020
E.g., 06/02/2020

GALA 2011 Videos: Be part of the inaugural GALA Film Fest!

By: GALA Team, Information

GALA is collecting a variety of video clips to celebrate our members and our industry in video montages to be played during the upcoming GALA 2011 conference in Lisbon, 28-30 March.  Sharing a snapshot or video clip of your company is a great way to give the GALA community a glimpse of your office environment and the personalities of your team members. This year, we’ve added a fun new competition – the inaugural GALA Film Fest. Photos and video clips of any (or all!) of the following must be received by 25 February.

  • For the GALA Film Fest: Video clip (30 seconds maximum) showing a refreshingly different view of your company. Make it fun and creative! Show off your business, your employees’ talents or your company mascot.  Make us smile and laugh! The top submissions will be broadcast prior to the general session in Lisbon, and conference delegates will vote on their favorite. The winner will receive a special prize. Top submissions will also be broadcast via the GALA YouTube channel.
  • For the GALA 2011 welcome video: Video clip (10 seconds maximum) saying the following (In English): “Hello, I am/We are [name] from [company] in [country]”. Then, in your native language, “Wishing you a wonderful GALA conference.”
  • For the GALA 2011 slideshow: Photos of employees at work (or play) at the office, preferably with your company logo or name somewhere in the photo.

Video specifications: Format: MP4 Compression Type (aka Codec): H.264 Bitrate: 3000 bytes/s (or automatic) Keyframes: 24 (or automatic) Resolution: between 720x576 and 1990x1080 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Special thanks to iDISC Information Technologies for donating production assistance for this project.


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