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E.g., 04/07/2020

Foreign Voice Localization In Entertainment – JBI Studios

Foreign language voice over is an essential part of today's global entertainment market. With such a wide array of audiences from every corner of the world consuming different media, creators of television shows, film, internet series, promos, and commercials must cater to a more international audience every time. Foreign language voice over services that are required for such media projects include voice recording and other audio and video foreign language services, like dubbing, subtitling, interactive marketing, IVR prompts recording, eLearning recording, and localization.

Today voice actors provide foreign voice over in about as many languages as you can think of. From Farsi to Catalan to Slovak, there is a demand for foreign language voice over services across cultures, ethnicities, and geographies.

Voice overs are also referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentary, depending on the production. Foreign voice over often entails a dubbed soundtrack recorded over the original audio of a piece of media. The original audio track most often can still be heard, albeit quieter, in the background of the film, commercial, or television show. A common use of foreign language voice over is for news reports and documentaries that feature subjects speaking a different language from that spoken by the audience. In places like Eastern Europe, nearly all films that are viewed by locals have been dubbed or translated.

Voice over artists are integral to creating successful and professional foreign language voice overs. Many voice actors study the art of voice acting, like in Japan, where there are over 130 voice acting schools. A skilled voice actor is usually a native speaker of the language who has been screened to ensure the quality of his or her accent. Well-executed foreign language voice overs take into consideration local intonations, as well as pronunciation of English words, like brand names, celebrities, or other cross-over phrases. Accurate translation of the original text is also integral to the success of the voice over provided for the project.

In Japan, female voice actors often play male characters, especially in anime films and television series. Japanese voice actors are often celebrities in their country, and are sometimes more famous than film actors or pop singers. In countries like Russia and Poland, a single artist will often provide the voice over for an entire production, especially on television. Foreign language voice over needs differ from country to country, but the overall demand will likely remain constant for many years to come.