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Folio Facebook Contest: Know many multilingual friends on Facebook? Then visit Folio Online’s Facebook page, translate four phrases and stand a chance to win a gift voucher from Kalahari.net!

By: Folio Online

Can you and your network of multilingual Facebook friends translate these fun phrases?

Folio Online invites you to celebrate International Translation Day on 30 September 2010 and stand a chance to win a gift voucher valued at R500.00 (approximately 70.00 USD) from Kalahari.net, an online retailer that ships worldwide! Select your prize from a fabulous range of merchandise – books, music, DVD, games and much, much more! Anyone can enter. You don’t have to be a professional translator to qualify.

Here’s how it works:

Below are four phrases, each in a different language. The challenge is to use online translation tools, your multilingual friends on Facebook, dictionaries, or whatever means necessary to translate the phrases into English. Send your entries to Paul Roberts at [email protected] by 17:00 (GMT+2) on Wednesday, 13 October 2010. Entries containing four successfully translated phrases will go into a draw for the gift voucher.

We’ll also post some interesting translation attempts on our Facebook page. Don’t worry — we won’t reveal the identities of those responsible!

Here are the phrases:

  1. Sesotho: Motsheha lefuma o a ipiletsa.
  2. Portuguese: Uma mão lava a outra.
  3. German: Geh hin, wo der Pfeffer wächst!
  4. Swahili: Kidole kimoja hakimuui chawa.

HINT: Need a bit of help? We have audio confirmation on one of the phrases. Visit our voice-over list through the following link:

http://www.folio-online.co.za/voicelist.htm. The confirmation will be among the voice-over languages that we offer.

Please include your name and contact information when you e-mail us. We’ll contact the winner in the last week of October. The correct translations will also be posted on our Facebook page by then. This competition is not open to employees of Folio or their immediate family members. We will not use your contact information for any marketing purposes.

We hope that you enjoy translating the phrases. Keep Folio Online in mind if you ever need reliable, professional translation work. Visit www.folio-online.co.za or give us a call at +27 (0)21 426 2727.

About Folio

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Folio Translation Consultants was established in 1988. A new division, Folio Online, was created in 2000 in order to serve international clients via the Internet. The Folio Group is a global leader in the provision of African language services and we also manage a significant volume of work in European and Asian languages. Our in-house project managers deal with a sizeable network of vetted independent translators, interpreters, voice-over artists, copywriters, editors, proofreaders and transcribers, rendering Folio the largest translation & language services consultancy in Sub-Saharan Africa.