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Discover the Vikings!

By: & Translator Scandinavia AB

21 October 2015

Before the official story of the Americas began, explorers from the Nordics had already grazed the New Continent. But when was the last time that you looked at the Nordics as a market opportunity for the localization industry?

As you drive your Volvo to go home and sit on an IKEA couch to listen to music from Spotify on your Bang & Olufsen stereo, or play Angry Birds while your kids assemble Lego blocks drinking orange juice from a Tetrapak carton, you just don’t realize how many Scandinavian products you are consuming. Or wait a second, are they Scandinavian products? Or Nordic? Is there a difference between Scandinavia and the Nordic countries?

As a player in the translation and localization space, you can now take the opportunity to learn more about this entrepreneurial region by attending the 5th NTIF – the Nordic Translation Industry Forum – in exotic Reykjavik, Iceland, on 19-20 November 2015. Come and understand why the Nordics headquarters as many as 8 translation companies out of the top 50 LSPs worldwide (source: Common Sense Advisory) and how to do business with the people from the Nordic countries.

Each day will be kick-started by an exciting keynote. Renowned futurologist Magnus Lindqvist will on Thursday give us a glimpse of his vision of the future with a Nordic perspective and Icelandic serial business entrepreneur and angel investor Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir will guide us through her ideas about doing business.

The event will take place at Grand Hotel Reykjavik – 10 minutes from central Reykjavik. As you probably know, Reykjavik can be reached directly from many European and American cities. More information about traveling, check www.icleandair.com and www.wowair.com

Come to explore the great content of our conference, and enjoy the opportunity to see the Northern Lights and visit the land of the volcano that disrupted world air travel in 2010.

Our conference website has more details and make sure you sign up for our newsletter to not miss out on important information!

We look forward to welcoming you to Iceland in November!

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind & Cecilia Enbäck

Anne-Marie and Cecilia