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Boston Day and Night (Plus Surrounding Areas)

By: Mike Klinger, Managing Director - Anzu Global

06 March 2018

We asked one of our members from the Boston area, Anzu Global, to suggest some things to do, see, and eat while visiting Boston for GALA's annual conference next week. Managing Director Mike Klinger asked his staff to join him in brainstorming ideas and suggestions based on their favorites. So whether you like beer, seafood, museums, or people-watching, you'll surely find something below that piques your interest and inspires you to make the most out of your trip to Boston! 

First off, a disclaimer, I am from New York and I wear a Yankee baseball cap wherever I go.  That being said, have lived in the Boston area for thirty plus years and it is a beautiful town and great place to visit. You can wander the city and discover nice places to eat, interesting architecture, and the beautiful Boston Public Garden and Boston Commons, then walk over to Charles Street for a beer or coffee.  If you want to know what the Anzu Global team recommends doing in Boston, check out these suggestions:


Boston has actually become the home to many top chefs:  Barbara Lynch's Menton, Lydia Shire's Scampo  (housed in a former jail—‘Scampo’ means ‘escape’ in Italian), Jamie Mamano’s Mistral,  Ming Tsai's  Blue Ginger, Jasper White’s Summer Shack in Cambridge (kind of fine comfort food), and Jody Adam's Porto (Mike used to practice Aikido with her).

What Mike likes to do is go to the North End and walk around—great Italian food, atmosphere, ambience.  Or you can go to Haymarket and explore all the different stalls of food, or go to any Legal Seafoods and you cannot go wrong for fresh fish.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, Life Alive in Cambridge is great (often busy), Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge, or Rangtzen, a Tibetan restaurant, are all great choices. All in Central Square, Cambridge, right off the Red Line

Jeanne enjoys going to the Dali restaurant which is a great place to enjoy Spanish tapas and Sangria, and then walking around Harvard/Harvard square photographing interesting street scenes.


Most of us at Anzu Global don't drink, so we can't recommend too many places for that activity.

There are a lot of craft beer places in Boston and surrounding areas: Trillium, or if you want a bit of history, go to The Plough and Stars in Cambridge—folks there were accused of smuggling guns to the IRA.

Daytime Activities

After you finish eating at Legal Seafoods in Boston, Debbie, our office manager, suggests that you go to the “launching” location for the Boston Duck Tours that utilize WWII amphibious tanks to tour both land and sea around the city—even a local can learn some history on this tour.  You can also walk the Freedom Trail which is a loop (some 2 plus miles) and covers a lot of the history of Boston from the American Revolution. Claire, one of the more cultured employees of Anzu Global, likes to visit museums. In particular, she likes the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, designed to emulate a Venetian palace.  In addition to the beautiful artwork on display in an intimate setting, the garden atrium is particularly enchanting and spiritual.  There is also the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Jeanne likes the MIT Museum’s galleries, exhibitions, demos, workshops, performances, conversations, and debates that invite visitors to participate in the ongoing adventure of research and innovation. The museum displays objects from its vast collection, and features rotating exhibitions on a wide range of STEM-based topics.

Don't forget sporting events and watching the Boston Bruins or Boston Celtics at the Boston Garden. An expensive option, perhaps, but lots of fun!

If you are adventurous and curious, go whale watching in Gloucester.  A historical fishing town now being gentrified and teeming with retiring rich folks, so you get good restaurants and a salty atmosphere (the movie The Perfect Storm was based on a true story of a Gloucester fishing boat).  Also, for nature lovers, the Gloucester area has beaches—Cranes beach, Singing Beach, Good Harbor beach.  They are beautiful and empty this time of year.


If you walk along Newbury Street in Boston, that is where the high-end clothing stores are, as well as Talbots, GAP and Marshalls.  Copley Place Mall also has nice clothing stores and high-end boutique stores.  When in town on a Sunday, Claire loves to drop in on the SoWa Vintage Market, 450 Harrison Ave, 10am-4pm.  Here you can find art, clothes or great, vintage accessories or 1-of-a-kind gifts.   


Hmmm, that is a bit of a loaded question—cultural events in Boston.  There are so many different cultures, ethnicities and pockets of people with different interests in the Greater Boston area.  Historically, Boston Brahmins might eat at Locke Ober and attend the Boston Symphony or the Boston Ballet.  Many tourists go see Blue Man Group and head over to the North End for Mike’s Pastry.  Popular events for Boston locals in East Boston or South Boston might be beer and fish fries, and heading to a Boston College hockey game, or watching a basketball game at Boston University.  If you live in Jamaica Plain, maybe you head over to Bella Luna for a Mexican Vegetarian meal and listen/dance to Salsa.


If you like dancing, there are activities almost every night of the week.  Every other Monday, there is live jazz music and improvisational dance at the Dance Complex in Cambridge.  Wednesday nights is West Coast Swing in Cambridge—lesson at 8pm and dancing from 9pm-12am.  Mike likes Friday nights and Lindy Hop with live bands and over a hundred folks attending (lesson at 8pm). Friday and Saturday nights there is Salsa and Bachata at Club Havana in Cambridge, a very popular dance spot and another of Mike’s favorites. 

We look forward to meeting you soon at the GALA conference, and feel free to ask us any questions about beautiful Boston.


Mike Klinger

Michael Klinger has been in the globalization industry for more than twenty years. His career began as a Spanish-English and French-English interpreter. He received his MBA at Northeastern University while working for a vendor providing translation project management services. He worked for Winter Wyman Contracts and started their globalization business. Klinger went on to establish the software localization project and bilingual staffing services at Comsys, which became part of Manpower, and now is Experis. Klinger founded Anzu Global in 2006. His company provides bilingual staffing services for the globalization industry.  He recently formed Language Transactions LLC to handle Brokerage Services for language companies.