E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

Artwork localisation is not a science

By: StorePoint International Ltd

Today more than ever clients want to see their brand maintained across all markets and in all languages. The problem is cost. No matter what system that exists there is a simple truth in transcreation terms. People have to do something as no machine tool exists that is capable of making decisions based on context, content and and above all local "Speak".

True WISYWIG or visual localisation of artwork is today a capability of many systems, but in a design based, product lead marketing piece the clear opportunity is to create single source setting and content localisation whilst at the same time allowing users and studio alike to work concurrently on the same file via an on line real time system.

Problem solving and solution delivery

How many people out there have used a Papermate Pen, the worlds first pump action ballpoint. this Pens claim to fame and in deed its inception was space travel. Built so the US astronaut could write in space. The Russian Cosmonauts had a similar problem to the Americans. But, instead of spending millions of dollars on a Pen, they used pencils.

Today technology in translation is taking a far greater role than the translation itself, we read that Machine translation is now getting good enough and probably in some instances it is?
The real challenge that users face is a simple one, Use and re use of language based assets, removal of duplication and replication and in artwork terms, which after all is the client brand and finally the integrity of the artwork in both market and language terms.

Evolution and not revolution

System that manage transcreation need to work the way users work, do what users do, just do it automatically, simply and easily. This way a system will evolve around working practices and this means users will happily use them.

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