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Annual Member Survey Results

By: Allison Ferch, Executive Director

20 February 2019

As part of a comprehensive strategic planning process, GALA conducted its annual member survey in Q4 2018 to gather feedback on key questions related to member value. In the spirit of transparency, we’re making the survey results public and we invite you to download the full report. (Certain questions were removed to preserve privacy.) We found wonderful input and constructive criticism in the write-in responses and comments, and you can also view consolidated answers in the charts and graphs. Now, on to the highlights.

  • More than 97% of respondents intend to renew their GALA membership. That tells us we’re doing something right, and as we’ll discover next week, continuing to do things right (and improve upon them) is a top priority.
  • The value that GALA delivers comes in several forms. Our ad-hoc classification system identified the following key categories: professional development, best practices, business benefits, knowledge sharing, networking, conference, and community.
  • Community. That one word surfaced again and again in write-in responses. Through the GALA platform, professionals and organizations build connections, engage with their industry, and, in the words of one respondent, “stay involved to evolve!”
  • Members turn to GALA to learn about industry trends, best practices, technologies, and outlooks. They also see GALA as a source for staying up-to-date on industry standards and standards initiatives. We play an important role in promoting the industry to the global business community as well.
  • Despite shortening attention spans, members still appreciate the long-format webinars we offer, and like short-format blogs, articles, and videos even more. GALA content is consumed primarily at work via desktop computers with just 20% of respondents indicating they prefer to use mobile devices to consume professional content.
  • There were some real gems in the write-in responses to questions like, “What is one business problem that you are facing today for which you have not found satisfactory support or information?” and “In a sentence, describe GALA’s value to you.” I encourage you to look through them to get new ideas on how to leverage your membership.

The answers provided in our annual member survey direct our content development efforts and grow our understanding of how GALA can provide value to members and to the industry. Combined with the results of other strategic planning exercises, the member survey helps the board and staff identify GALA’s strategic priorities and evolve its mission and purpose. Next week, in another blog and a GALA webinar, we’ll share our new GALA roadmap and discuss our priorities and goals for the years ahead.

And, please remember: the member survey happens just once a year, but we welcome your feedback and input any time. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas, opinions, requests, and complaints with any staff or board member. After all, it’s your association.

Allison Ferch

Allison is GALA's Executive Director. Over the past 10 years she has served GALA in several roles and provided leadership for many of the association’s programs and activities. As Executive Director, she leads operations at GALA and is responsible for the growth of the association, its financial stability, and for the expansion and delivery of member value. Allison has an undergraduate degree in Biological Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. A lifelong athlete and a lifelong learner, she enjoys podcasts, reading, and all kinds of sports and athletic endeavors.