E.g., 03/29/2020
E.g., 03/29/2020

3rd Translation Technology and Terminology (TTT) Conference: Translation Industry Trendsetter in Southeast Europe

By: Iolar d.o.o.

The annual TTT Conference will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 29-30 October, 2015.

Iolar, a regional LSP and the TTT conference organizer, started this adventure back in 2013 with the first TTT Conference in Zadar, Croatia. Our goal is to raise awareness of the translation industry in Southeast Europe by bringing together regional stakeholders and inviting high-profile speakers to share their knowledge and experience.

Two years on, we are noticing a new trend: translation businesses in the region have recognized the importance of such events and a number of other conferences have appeared in Southeast Europe after Iolar organized the first TTT conference.

“This is definitely a positive sign from regional key players who are willing to combine forces and make their voice heard at an international level,” says Marjana Plukavec, the CEO of Iolar, who has been a fan and a supporter of such initiatives from the very beginning. “This is a great way to raise awareness and increase knowledge and professionalism at a regional level. Furthermore, the presence of professionals from many European countries in the TTT audience is a sign that we are on the right path, and in terms of content we are offering something of interest to everyone.”

TTT is aimed at both freelancers and LSPs, with presentations about technology and terminology as well as human resource management and the business-side of the translation industry.

“The business of translation is not just software, technology and technical knowledge,” said Marjana. “It also includes people management. Managers in the industry must be aware that there is a human factor involved and should never forget the importance of soft skills.”

You can get more information about the TTT program here.

Iolar kindly invites everyone to the 3rd TTT conference in Ljubljana!