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E.g., 04/08/2020

2018: New Year Goals from GALA

By: Laura Brandon, Executive Director

09 January 2018

Dear GALA members,
It’s that season again … time to reaffirm commitments to our professional and organizational goals, and time to achieve them! I hope that you are all starting 2018 refreshed and full of energy for the year ahead.

At GALA headquarters, we are in full-scale planning mode for the annual conference in Boston and for the next 12 months.  Our goal and commitment to members in 2018 is first and foremost to ensure continued excellence of our most popular programsthe Language of Business conference, the webinar series, and our publications.  With these established programs, we aim to deliver resources to support the wide array of needs and interests posed by our diverse membership and to increase employee participation from within our member companies.

Top of mind in 2018 is GALA’s support of community initiatives such as TAPICC.  Now, only six months after launching our initial TAPICC working groups, we have a committed corps of volunteers working on various aspects of the challenge of connecting translation technology.  In 2018, we will launch the second track of the initiative, and will put more marketing support behind TAPICC to bring visibility to its importanceand potential. 

We will also explore development of deeper content to complement GALA’s existing offerings.  In our upcoming member survey, we will ask for your detailed input on this. Additionally, we will continue fostering outreach and collaboration with allied organizations and audiences through GALA’s Partner Program and event participation. And we will look to grow GALA’s volunteer program to open doors for wider member engagement.

This quarter, we will publish an updated Strategic Framework to communicate GALA’s high-level priorities, defining our focus areas and objectives in serving member companies and the wider sector.  With a diverse membership of 400 companies operating in a rapidly-evolving industry, we will rely on this framework as we work to provide a useful platform for information exchange and collaborative progress.

On behalf of the team at GALA, I would like to confirm our commitment to delivering a high-value membership experience to your companies and team members across the globe.  I invite you to include your own engagement with GALA as part of your 2018 goals and I encourage you to contact us to share your challenges and suggestions. Together we will work to drive industry progress and achieve our collective mission.

Here’s to a wonderful 2018!

Best regards,
Laura Brandon
GALA Executive Director

Laura Brandon

Laura is GALA's former Executive Director.  She oversaw operations, staffing, and programming for the association of companies in 50+ countries.  Laura served on the advisory board of the Localization Certification Program for the University of Washington and previously was member of the ASAE Small Staff Associations Council and Task Force on Small Staff Community.  She is on the volunteer committee for the Seattle Localization User Group (SLUG!). Laura has a degree in French from the Agnes Scott College and a “License” in Art History from the Université de Provence.