E.g., 09/29/2020
E.g., 09/29/2020

Blog | Translation and Localization Tips and Trends

Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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It’s an Election Year! Run for the GALA Board

By: Allison Ferch, Executive Director

25 September 2020

GALA’s board of directors is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the association. Association leadership requires bold visionaries and thoughtful advisers. It requires industry experience, blue-sky thinking, and a collaborative...

Managing Your Localization Career: Localization (L10N) Engineering

By: Denise Spacinsky, Principal

24 September 2020

Life would be so much easier if we only had the source code.”
- Unknown The language industry is quite technical, so localization engineering plays a key role in everything related to translation and localization. Localization...

Why There Will Always be a Need for Human Translators

By: Sean Hopwood,

15 September 2020

The practice of translation is essentially an interlingual form of communication. In order for that communication to be effective, every nuance and concept derived from the original text or speech must be analyzed and relayed in such a way that the...

Project Managers Are Offering New Kinds of Support

By: Liza Montesi, Senior Translator & Copywriter

02 September 2020

With all the social distancing that’s going on, even freelancers who are used to working from home are in need of a more human approach in their daily communications. And they’re not the only ones. Our relationships with the scores of freelancers...

Data Science Technology to Better Serve Customers

By: Luis Miguel, CEO

01 September 2020

How Avantpage bootstraps its data science strategy  Executives and professionals use data and analytics to make predictions, to enhance optimization, and to improve operations and decision making. As it is constantly growing, it...

10 Key Facts About Dominican Republic

By: Pamela Gaido, Content Manager

25 August 2020

Rosario Traducciones continues its linguistic tour #SpanishAroundTheWorld #ElEspañolEnElMundo through Latin America. In this edition, we come ashore the most visited island in the Caribbean. Rosario...

Managing Your Localization Career: Project Management

By: Denise Spacinsky, Principal

18 August 2020

“Expect the best, plan for the worst,
and prepare to be surprised.”
– Denis Waitley Project Management is at the heart of all localization work. The transformation of content and information from one language to another...

Spanish Translation Motivates Nearly a Billion Consumers for the 21 Spanish-Speaking Countries

By: Chante Coetzer, Admin/Marketing Assistant

11 August 2020

Realizing the goal of building a successful global business in this current marketplace, which is populated with new start-ups of small and medium size, in numbers like 627,000 in the United States alone, could be considered daunting.  However,...

What is Cultural Intelligence?

By: Danielle Marcos, Program Manager, Global Customer Solutions

04 August 2020

By: Danielle Marcos, Tableau Software and Jeff Beatty, Mozilla Corporation We’re going to make a statement that may seem obvious, but is more nuanced than you realize at first glance: professionals in our industry need a high level of cultural...

10 Fun Facts About Cuba, the Pearl of the Antilles

By: Pamela Gaido, Content Manager

28 July 2020

On our trip through #ElEspañolEnElMundo #SpanishAroundTheWorld, we landed on the largest island in the Caribbean. Rosario Traducciones y Servicios SA invites you to join us on a virtual linguistic tour through the...