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E.g., 06/25/2019

Blog | Translation and Localization Tips and Trends

Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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GALA Amsterdam Networking Event

By: Cristiana Luppi, Production Manager

30 May 2019

It was just after GALA Munich that we were encouraged by a former Board member to host a GALA regional networking event in Amsterdam: this city would be perfect to gather people interested in localization to spend a fun evening together.


5 Things We Do to Improve Mental Well-being at Language Insight

By: Rebecca Twose, Marketing Assistant

23 May 2019

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, and we recognise the responsibility that businesses have in making sure their employees have a healthy work-life balance. According to the mental health charity ...

A Path to Greater Value: GALA Dues Increase

By: Allison Ferch, Executive Director

22 May 2019

As all of you know, it’s necessary from time to time to adjust for rising costs, to make new investments in technology and staffing, and to focus on growing your capacity to better serve your clients. That’s precisely where we find ourselves today,...

Using “What If?” As A Language Industry Tool 

By: Jim Compton, Manager of Technology Parternships

16 May 2019

At GALA 2019 Munich I had the privilege of hosting a panel (game show?) session called “What If? The Humans and Technology Edition.” I assembled a super-hero team of four interesting, diverse (and dare I say opinionated) folks from the language...

Why the Localization Process Can’t Be Fully Automated

By: Sean Hopwood,

09 May 2019

Localization is key for a business’ international expansion, and it goes beyond culturally-sensitive adaptation. It’s the translation of a digital product, website, marketing campaign, manual, or any other information architecture, with its context...

7 Essential Steps to a Successful eLearning Localization Recording

By: Richard Shi, CEO

03 May 2019

Audio is one of the key components of an eLearning course. It has the power to create the perfect atmosphere for a specific eLearning course and set the tone for the entire eLearning experience. Knowing how to produce high-quality audio recordings...

Effective Query Management – the Key to Successful Translation Projects

By: Lone Beheshty, Project Manager & CAT Tools Trainer

25 April 2019

Translation queries are a very important and necessary part of every translation project, and how well they are managed can make a big difference. In order to manage these queries, Language Service Providers (LSPs) have the option of either...

GALA 2019 Munich: HumAInity at Work

By: GALA Team, Information

04 April 2019

GALA 2019 took place in the beautiful city of Munich, 24-27 March. As before, GALA provided a few days of exchange, learning, and reflection on the present and future of the industry. Considering the increasingly important role that AI is playing in...

The GALA 2019 Event App

By: GALA Team, Information

13 March 2019

Delegates love connecting through GALA’s event app, with an adoption rate last year of 90%. As part of our commitment to strengthening our member value, we have decided to provide a more convenient, sleek, and usable app for GALA 2019 Munich....

New World of Work: Developing Industry-University Relationships in an AI-driven Language Service Industry

By: Laura Linares, PhD Candidate

11 March 2019

By: Laura Linares and Estefanía Muñoz Gómez, University College Cork Rapid and drastic transformations in the world of work require flexible strategies to effectively leverage emerging challenges and opportunities. These efforts can be better served...