Keynote and Tuesday Plenary

Keynote Address

Human–Machine Coevolution:
How to Thrive in an Era of Accelerating Technological Change

David Orban
Monday, 18 March - 09:00

In our global world of rapid technological change, the need for clear and deep communication has never been more urgent. Whether for personal interests or to implement professional services, today we have the opportunity to bridge the language barriers with computer based tools that complement our own knowledge and skills. Nobody is more exposed to this than professionals and enterprises in the localization industry, which broadly defined, is the bedrock of globalization. Being able to ride the incoming waves of change is a function of smart adaptation and adoption in a co-evolving, rich ecosystem of dynamic, flexible solutions.

David Orban

David Orban

   CEO, Dotsub / Advisor & Faculty, Singularity University

David Orban is an alert analyst of the global technology landscape, applying cycles of accelerating technological change to the needs of high-growth organizations. His background gives him a deep understanding of the needs and mechanics of product marketing, sales development, localization, and globalization.

Orban is a futurist. His vision is at the crossroads of technology and society as defined by their coevolution. His motto is, "What is the question that I should be asking?" Meta-analyses and meta-rules are the tools of the trade when going breadth-first is an advantage. The new renaissance we find ourselves in is also about cutting across the limits of deep specialization. To build the new worlds ahead of us, Orban believes we must be able to tolerate high levels of pressure and frequent mistakes, and embrace accelerating cycles of invention and innovation.

David Orban is CEO of Dotsub where he drives technology, client, and investor strategy. He is also an advisor to Singularity University, a business consultant, and speaker. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded and led several successful start-ups. He studied physics and is interested in exponential dynamics and technologies.


Tuesday Plenary

Escaping the Localization Ghetto
David Ashton
Tuesday, 19 March - 09:00

The market for goods around the world is larger than ever. The global middle class (those who buy products made abroad) is now bigger than half the world’s population, and the barriers to global trade are all but gone. Intelligent translation to market those products is more critical than ever to drive the engine of global commerce. And yet the localization ghetto remains for our clients (the localization managers at the G1000) and ourselves in the localization industry. We have been enabling the ghetto, but it is time to transform ourselves. We are no longer the localization industry, but the global market enablement industry.

David Ashton

David Ashton

   Speaker, Globalization Consultant, VP of Consulting Services, SDL

Tackling global markets is something to take seriously and should never be merely an adjunct to a domestic market strategy. David Ashton works with companies to help them expand their global footprint. He is an expert on the rapidly evolving ways consumers and brands intertwine. Consequently, much of his time is spent helping clients evolve their business model to account for the way the cyber-social evolution impacts the way businesses interact with consumers. Ashton’s skill is not just in explaining the new patterns of consumer behavior that technology convergence brings (where near-future technology and sociological evolution collide), but in how businesses can detect and capitalize on those patterns.

David is a frequent public speaker, globalization consultant, and chief contributor to the Globalization Challenge. He also serves as VP of Consulting Services at SDL, where he manages the strategic, management and operational consulting arm of the SDL Group. He has extensive experience in global sales and growth strategies and has held a number of consulting and leadership positions over the last two decades.


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Stefan Gentz, TRACOM

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