The GALA CEO Forum

Date: Sunday 17 March 2013
Location: Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach

An Exclusive Collaboration Among Business Leaders

A CEO is a leader, a motivator, a chief strategist, a manager, a salesperson, a delegator, and more, all at once. It can be exhilarating. Often times it can be lonely. And sometimes it can be hard to find the time to step back, evaluate, modify and plan for the future.

But what if, in just one day, you could shut out all the noise and focus on one pressing problem…and even solve that problem? And, at the same time, get to know other leaders just like you…other managing directors or presidents who work as hard as you do and grapple with the same types of problems that you do?

The GALA CEO Forum offers just that opportunity. By channeling the collective knowledge of a small group of leaders, the Forum seeks to solve real problems faced by real company leaders. Together collaborating, sharing, debating and resolving for the benefit of each individual…all in one day.

"...the results that I hoped for were more than met. On the one most pressing challenge that I presented in the forum, I was able to get very valuable suggestions from other CEOs who spoke from their experience and knowledge. The best part was the challenges presented by the other CEOs and the suggestions made to solve those challenges. It was a great learning opportunity for me." — Mohamed Aly (eLocalize)

Forum Structure

The forum is a small group with a minimum of five and a maximum of seven participants. Each participant in the GALA CEO Forum will come to the event prepared to present one challenge they face in their business and will have one hour during the forum dedicated to resolving their specific issue.

Each leader will actively participate during the entire program, contributing meaningful and valuable recommendations and observations to their peer CEOs. They will learn solutions to their own challenges, as well as the challenges of the other leaders. The sharing of wisdom borne by experience makes this structure extremely powerful and effective.

The program’s agenda includes a meet-and-greet session at the beginning of the day to build the collaborative atmosphere and to prepare everyone to get to work. Lunch is provided in the middle of the day; refreshments throughout. Participants will stretch themselves mentally throughout the day and will probably end the day feeling a bit exhausted, but greatly enriched.

Forum Moderators

The program moderators will be Arturo Quintero, formerly co-owner and chief corporate strategist of Moravia Worldwide and Shelly Priebe, Founder of Priebe & Associates, a full-service leadership consulting firm. The moderators will guide and direct the group, and also will participate in the discussions.

Shelly Priebe

Shelly Priebe

   President, Priebe & Associates
At Priebe & Associates Shelly uses her decade of experience as a translation company CEO to provide targeted advice to clients as they grow and "grow up" their businesses. A core part of her expertise and counsel is leadership coaching. She has focused on this practice area and passion by also becoming Executive Partner at SOLIDexecutive, Inc., a boutique senior executive coaching and advisory firm with offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

Arturo Quintero

Arturo Quintero

For more than twenty years, as co-owner and corporate strategist of Moravia Worldwide, Arturo was the entrepreneurial driving force behind the company's exponential growth. A former GALA board member, Arturo founded and has led the GALA CEO Forum for the past two years.

For more information, including fees and registration, please download the CEO Forum PDF. For inquiries please contact Allison Ferch.

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“The GALA atmosphere encourages an incredibly high level of frankness and networking.”

Stanislav Kalianov, Schneider Electric

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