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Centre for Next Generation Localisation

GALA is pleased to partner with CNGL to highlight their collaborative R&D work with industry partners


CNGL is a collaborative academia-industry research center dedicated to delivering disruptive innovations in digital intelligent content, and to revolutionizing the global content value chain for enterprises, communities and individuals.

Now entering its second funding cycle supported by Science Foundation Ireland, CNGL is building upon five years of academic-industry collaborative research which has successfully advanced the frontiers of machine translation, localization, multilingual content search, and personalization, as well as driving standards in content and localization service integration.

Drawing on CNGL’s globally unique set of world-class expertise in each of the principal scientific areas underlying global intelligent content, CNGL aims to pioneer development of advanced content processing technologies for content creation, multilingual discovery, translation and localization, personalization, and multimodal interaction across global markets. These technologies will revolutionize the integration and unification of multilingual, multi-modal and multimedia content and interactions and drive innovation across the global content value chain.

At the GALA conference, Dr. Páraic Sheridan will examine CNGL’s research agenda from the point of view of the localization industry in a ‘Localization 2020’ presentation at 11am on Monday morning. CNGL will also participate in the exhibit area to showcase advances across three broad areas of its research; language technology, including machine translation and post-editing, content personalization, and interoperability and standards.

Language Technology

CNGL’s research in language technologies spans two key aspects of the global content value chain, including technologies to extract meaning and sentiment from text data and novel ways of visualizing data, and developments for quality improvement in translation technologies coupled with new approaches to localization that maximize the value of human linguistic judgments across the widest range of domains. The TMTprime project will demonstrate a platform that allows for the seamless integration of MT with legacy TM systems to provide the most effective translation options (least effort/cost for subsequent post-editing) to professional translators.

Content Personalization

Much of the content intelligence required to improve the user experience depends on knowledge of that user’s task, preferences, prior knowledge and medium of access, i.e. their dimensions of adaptivity. CNGL’s personalization and adaptivity research investigates how these dimensions can be combined with adaptive strategies to create better experiences that are tailored to each user’s individual needs. Emizar is a new commercial initiative to bring CNGL personalization technology to the domain of personalized multilingual customer care, while Wripl is a CNGL start-up company developing a user-controlled ‘personalization wallet’ for cross-site content adaptation.

Interoperability and Standards

For intelligent content to provide an end-to-end view of content processing across currently distinct sectorial concerns requires harmonized interworking between many relevant standards. Agility and optimizability rely on smooth interoperability between intelligent content services that are supported by international standards. CNGL’s work with the Multilingual Web – Language Technology (MLW-LT) working group at the W3C, for example, allows us to demonstrate interoperability between translatable content extraction, terminology management, machine translation, human-centered translation and post-editing, translation QA and process management tasks across CMS, TMS, machine translation and text analytics components and CAT tools.

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