Call for Papers

GALA 2013 Call for Papers

GALA 2013
17-20 March 2013
Miami, USA
Deadline for proposals: 14 September 2012

The Conference

The Globalization and Localization Association will present its next Language of Business conference in Miami, USA, 17-20 March 2013. GALA conferences provide a candid, collaborative environment for the industry’s thought-leaders, innovators and influencers to discuss opportunities and challenges facing our industry. GALA places a premium on innovative formats and interactive sessions that promote real learning; we favor lively discussion, audience engagement and participatory learning formats.

As the name implies, GALA Language of Business conferences are about the language of business and the business of language. They are about sharing ideas in all areas of language technology and localization business operations. They provide a “sales-light” environment that encourages openness and collaboration. The participants at GALA conferences are experienced professionals and wish to learn from subject matter experts and successful peers. They also seek opportunities to share their own knowledge and experiences.

The Audience

Language of Business conferences attract leaders from all sectors of the language services industry: SLVs, MLVs, tools providers and buy-side localization and globalization managers. Nearly two-thirds of the attendees at past conferences have been top executives at their companies, making GALA conferences an important gathering place for thought-leaders, decision-makers and entrepreneurs. The collective intelligence and industry experience of GALA audience members is substantial and we strive to ensure our programming leaves participants inspired and prepared to lead their businesses.

The Importance of Engagement

Modern-day conference attendees have grown weary of presentations with lengthy slideshows and long lectures. GALA seeks to engage its participants through innovative learning formats that involve the audience. Please consider how best to present your topic and engage your audience. A few suggestions are listed below. We also welcome your ideas.

  • Expert presentations: “deep dives” with ample time for audience questions and discussion
  • Agile sessions: a collaborative, “situation room” style approach to solving critical business challenges in a small group environment (content leaders will facilitate rather than present)
  • Case studies demonstrating real successes or “successful failures”
  • Debates
  • Interviews

Selection Criteria

Participants at GALA 2012 rated technology, sales, and project/operations management as the three issues that were most important to them. The GALA promise to our conference participants is to provide refreshingly different and exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, and essential tools that will make their companies more successful. We are looking for proposals that have….

  • Visionary ideas for an experienced and well-informed audience
  • Content for buy-side professionals including collaborative presentations from client/vendor teams
  • A focus on emerging trends and new markets
  • Best practices and cost-effective solutions to common challenges
  • Insights into doing business successfully in and with the Americas (unique to GALA 2013)
  • Creative approaches to dealing with ongoing industry changes and challenges
  • A focus on senior management and strategy issues

Selection Process

Proposals for GALA 2013 will go through a phased selection process.

Phase 1: Complete the online submission form by 14 September 2012. Please be as thorough as possible. Each proposal will be reviewed by the GALA 2013 Program Committee and proposals meeting selection criteria will enter Phase 2.

Phase 2: Proposals meeting selection criteria will be asked to submit supplementary information (a “skeleton” presentation) which further explains the topic and the areas to be covered. Supplementary files must be received by 02 November 2012. Notification of final status will be provided by the end of November.

Proposal Submission Instructions

The deadline for proposals is 14 September 2012. Please complete your application online. You will first be required to register as new user on GALA's abstract management site before completing the online submission form. Please note that you are not required to upload supplementary files at this time. Please email Allison Ferch with any questions about the submission and review process. Even if you elect to present in Spanish, please complete the submission form in English.

Submission Form

The online submission form will include the following questions:

  1. Title:
  2. Abstract: (Describe the session content. Please be as specific and thorough as possible.)
  3. Audience sophistication: (Which group will benefit most from your presentation? Choose one.)
         Newcomers to the topic
         Attendees with an intermediate level of understanding of the topic
         Experts looking for new ideas
  4. Learning objectives:
         What big idea will participants take away from your session?
         What action item will they write down for when they return to the office?
  5. Preferred session format: (Please describe the learning format you envision for your presentation)
  6. Preferred presentation length:
         40 minute session (ideal for presentations with one presenter)
         90 minute session (ideal for multiple presenters, complex topics, or formats with significant audience engagement and discussion)
  7. Preferred language for presentation: (choose English or Spanish)
  8. Engaging the Audience: (List 3 questions participants might like to discuss during your session.)
  9. Primary Presenter Information:
  10. Co-presenter, panelists, or client information:
  11. Have you or one of your co-presenters given this specific presentation at a previous industry conference? (If yes, please specify where and when.)
  12. Is this specific proposal being considered for any other industry conferences that will take place before GALA 2013? (If yes, please specify where and when.)
  13. Have you presented at a previous GALA conference? (If yes, please specify when.)

Conference Information

“Anyone serious about the language business must attend GALA.”

Bill Rivers, ASTM F43

Last Year at GALA 2012

77%  reported making contacts that may generate new business for them.

84%  said they learned new concepts or strategies that will help them in their business.

95%  reported that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the conference.


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