Speed Networking

Monday, 26 March 2012
16:50 – 18:20

Don't miss this fun and innovative way to start the conference and build lasting connections with colleagues from around the world. GALA Speed Networking is a structured opportunity to accelerate your conference networking experience through short, concise meetings.

  • Meet new partners and suppliers
  • Come prepared to impress...in three minutes or less
  • Schedule follow-up meetings for more in-depth discussions
  • Bring plenty of business cards!

speed networking

See video clips from speed networking sessions in Prague, Las Vegas, and Rio de Janeiro.

This activity is free for registered participants of GALA 2012. Speed networking in Lisbon filled up quickly, so remember to pre-register when you register for the conference.

Speed Networking in Monaco is sponsored by TextMinded.



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“In sum: dedicated and friendly staff, a superb venue, a highly professional and well organized program plus very valuable networking opportunities.”  

Daniel Rejtö, Plunet GmbH

Last Year at GALA 2011

79%  reported making contacts that may generate new business for them.

88%  said they learned new concepts or strategies that will help them in their business.

97%  reported that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the conference.


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