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Entrepreneurship - The New Global Language of Business
Rob Salkowitz (MediaPlant, LLC)
Monday, 26 March 09:00

For most of the industrial age, wealth, knowledge and innovation flowed from the developed centers of the world to the edges. But now a new generation of global youth, armed with digital technology and the rapidly-extending reach of networks and mobile devices, is shaking things up. This Young World uprising has political, economic and social dimensions, but one thing is certain: it’s changing the dynamics of the global information economy and creating new sources of demand – and supply – for content. Great ideas now come from everywhere, in every language. Where does the translation and localization industry fit in this fast-changing environment? How do these global shifts influence the emergence of new business models like crowdsourcing, cloud-based services and machine-translation? What can we all learn from the next generation of global entrepreneurs?

Join author and consultant Rob Salkowitz (Young World Rising; Generation Blend) for a wide-ranging look at the successes and challenges emerging from the next generation of innovators, and how entrepreneurial businesses are creating new markets for translation and localization services.

Rob Salkowitz

Young World Rising

Rob Salkowitz

   Principal, MediaPlant, LLC

Rob Salkowitz is a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in the ways that digital media and the digital generation are transforming global business through innovation and entrepreneurship. He is the author of four books:   Young World Rising, Young World Shining, Generation Blend, and Listening to the Future (with Daniel Rasmus), and writes regularly on business and technology at and Internet Evolution. His latest work, Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture, will be published by McGraw-Hill in June, 2012. Rob is co-founder of the Seattle-based communications firm MediaPlant, LLC, where he serves as Principal Consultant, serving clients including Microsoft, Ford, HP and others. He is also adjunct professor of digital media at the University of Washington and serves on the advisory board of the University’s MCDM (Masters in Communication – Digital Media) program. An entrepreneur since age 24, Rob helped launch seven companies including an online travel site and an early e-book publisher. He serves on the Board of Directors of Older Adults Technology Services, a New York-based non-profit providing technology training for seniors, and is an advisor to Moyo Jasiri, a Portland-based foundation supporting female entrepreneurs in Africa. Rob earned a B.A. in International Relations from Columbia University.


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