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GALA 2012 attendees will shape the future of global content delivery. Will you be there?

Most companies and managing directors intrinsically understand the value of gathering with colleagues from around the world, staying abreast of new technologies and learning about innovative solutions and alternative approaches to business challenges.

A Long-term Investment

Attendance at GALA 2012 may garner immediate results – you may learn about a technology that you plan to purchase within the next six months, or you may initiate a partnership with someone that will allow you to capture a new client. The long-term payout is even more important and can be measured from a variety of perspectives. When you consider the ROI, focus on what you will bring back to your organization. Tie the value to your organization’s core goals and your role, specifically. Consider the outcome of attending sessions, small group discussions or tools demos. Think about exposure to vendor contacts, client contacts and partner contacts.

  • Professional Development. Many of the sessions at GALA 2012 will focus on workflow, technology and project management. Practical advice, relevant tools and tangible technologies will be evaluated and discussed. Specific challenges you face in operations will be addressed and you will walk away with ideas to improve your business as well as with real contacts who can help get you there.
  • Marketing. In today’s media-crazed world, it is hard to get noticed. Marketing efforts are often lost in the constant buzz of messages bombarding us. One-to-one connections in casual settings are now even more important, not less. You, your company and your messages will be remembered long after GALA 2012 ends.
  • Connections. GALA 2012 is a great place to build connections in a relaxed business setting. Activities such as speed networking, small group discussions, excursions and casual dinners are all sales-light activities specifically designed to give professionals a chance to connect with new and established contacts and build a peer network.
  • Morale. Employees attending GALA 2012 will be re-energized and motivated to contribute. They will return to the office with increased enthusiasm and ideas for innovation in their jobs.

For more information on cost-benefit analysis, visit the Monaco on a Budget page.

Measurement by Past Attendees

How do you measure the value of networking? GALA’s post-conference survey indicated that 79 percent of participants reported making contacts at GALA 2011 that may generate new business for them. Can you measure the impact of new ideas or solutions? Eighty-eight percent of GALA 2011 participants said they learned new concepts or strategies that will help them in their businesses.

The numbers quantify the value, but the best justification comes directly from past attendees’ comments:

“I appreciate very much the opportunity to meet peers, learn about new trends and tools and have a look beyond our own company.” – Ursula Kollar-Fiedrich, Texpertec GmbH
“Working with clients and partners remotely, we inevitably narrow our own world to our office and home, and here at GALA we feel that we are each a part of something much bigger, and that is a thrilling feeling!” – Yuri Patchko, NEOTECH
“Great job! A very well put together conference with relevant topics.” – Wayne Bourland, Dell
“A great place to share experience, to learn from experts, to become better professionals and gain new ideas. But professional is not everything, there is also time for a glass of wine in a friendly atmosphere!” – Daniela Schobert, blue dimension
“From varied panel discussions, interesting sessions on new developments in the localization tools and process arena, to a pleasant ambiance for catching up with old friends in the localization industry and making new ones, GALA 2010 provided it all with gusto and flair.” – Ingrid Allsop, Attachmate
“GALA 2011 was all about motivation, energy, knowledge sharing and future trends.” – Marijana Dokic, Proverbum d.o.o.
“We enjoyed the marvelous city and greatly appreciated the opportunity to spend time with LSP owners and managers, and other professionals in the industry. This conference not only met, but exceeded all of our expectations. The amount and quality of information that we gained will irrefutably support us in achieving our goals.” – Engel Abalos, PTS Group International
“I loved the mix of serious business and a fun location. GALA does a fabulous conference.” – Lori Thicke, Lexcelera/Translators without Borders
“Positive business attitude, friendly atmosphere, good exposure for our brand name.” – Anita Sempels, Wordbee
“The event exceeded my expectations and I will definitely include it in my calendar for 2012.” – Fabiano Cid, Ccaps

Ways to Extend Your Conference Experience

  • Prepare a short presentation for your colleagues when you return to the office.
  • Schedule a one-on-one with your manager or boss when you return to discuss how you will use what you have learned. Translate your new ideas and knowledge into action items with deadlines.
  • Write a blog or newsletter article about your experience and its impact on your company’s business.
  • Use social media tools including GALA Connect before, during and after the conference to let partners and customers know you are attending and to talk about what you have learned.
  • Engage in the ‘agile conferencing’ small groups and maintain contact with those colleagues after the conference.
  • Set aside time after the conference to review all the materials you received and contemplate how new technologies or processes can be applied to your business.

We look forward to seeing you at GALA 2012!

Conference Information

“Great conference, great location, great opportunities to meet with peers! Chapeau!”  

Dimitri Stoquart, Stoquart S.A. - A TextMinded Company

Last Year at GALA 2011

79%  reported making contacts that may generate new business for them.

88%  said they learned new concepts or strategies that will help them in their business.

97%  reported that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the conference.


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