Agile Conferencing

Why agile conferencing?

One of the great benefits of a conference is face-to-face interaction, learning and sharing. At GALA 2012, we are taking that interaction to a new level, introducing agile conferencing sessions (sprints) that capitalize on the energy and collective intelligence in the room to address an issue and develop collaborative solutions.

Agile sprints take principles from agile development, used by design and software teams to keep pace with change and provide client-focused service. GALA will apply the most relevant attributes of this methodology to create a conference experience that is truly collaborative, innovative and productive.

Agile conferencing at GALA 2012 will significantly build on the small-group discussion sessions of the past. Each agile sprint will have a sprint leader working closely with integrated teams of active participants and an audience benefitting from the shared insight. No one will walk away empty handed, nor empty “minded”:  It will be a collective, interactive and highly energetic experience.

So what is an agile sprint at GALA 2012?

There will be two agile sprints at GALA 2012, running simultaneously on Tuesday, 27 March. Each sprint will have a leader who will manage the three relays. There will be a maximum of 10 active participants in each relay (sign-up required). Together with an audience of a maximum of 25 observers who will absorb the knowledge, the team will iteratively and collectively build toward a conclusion. Each relay will build upon the last with the conclusion providing real, beneficial and actionable know-how by the end of the day. Attendees should ideally plan to attend all three relays in order for full impact. Conference attendees who do not attend all relays can hear a summary of the sprints on Wednesday morning.

The two agile sprints at GALA 2012 are as follows:

Growing Your Business with the Right Customers, 27 March 14:50 – 17:30
Sprint Leader: Joseph Gomes (Viva Translations)
Participants: max. of 10 attendees
Observers: max. of 25 attendees
Three Relays:

  • Laying the foundation (Who am I, Where do I want to go?)
  • Finding and reaching customers (How do I get there?)
  • Getting the most out of customers (What to do when I get there?)

Gaining Benefits from MT, 27 March 14:50 – 17:30
Sprint Leader: Jörgen Danielsen (Eule Lokalisierung)
Participants: max. of 10 attendees
Observers: max. of 25 attendees
Three Relays:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Analysis and Definition
  • Solution Implementation

If you are interested in being an active participant in either of these sprints, please email Allison Ferch and indicate which sprint you would like to join.

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“Great conference, great location, great opportunities to meet with peers! Chapeau!”  

Dimitri Stoquart, Stoquart S.A. - A TextMinded Company

Last Year at GALA 2011

79%  reported making contacts that may generate new business for them.

88%  said they learned new concepts or strategies that will help them in their business.

97%  reported that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the conference.


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