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The beautiful French Riviera is known not only for its relaxed lifestyle, but also for its business centers. Sophia Antipolis, just 40 kilometers away, is the technology hub of France where many multinational companies in the fields of computing, electronics, pharmacology and biotechnology maintain offices. It also houses the European headquarters of W3C, (the World Wide Web Consortium), along with a number of industry associations and institutions of higher learning. Nice, where the international airport is located, is also a major business destination.

The Principality of Monaco ranks as the world's second smallest independent state, after the Vatican City. It encompasses a mere 2.05 km² and with a population of almost 36,000, it is the one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The House of Grimaldi has ruled Monaco with only a few brief interruptions since the early 15th century. Prince Albert II, son of Prince Ranier III and the American actress Grace Kelly, is currently head of state. The Prince's Palace is one of the more recognizable landmarks in Monaco.

Another landmark well-known to tourists is Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo. The early and continued success of the casino enabled the prinicipality to stop collecting texes from the Monegasques (citizens of Monaco) which resulted in making Monaco a tax-haven for affluent residents from all over Europe. Consequently, the average personal income is quite high.

Monaco lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by France. It has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild weather in both summer and winter. In March, the average high temparature is 14.0 C (57 F).

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