Annual Report

Despite the many challenges of 2020, GALA pivoted to deliver value in new ways with measurable success.


2020 saw continued evolution of membership composition.
Client organizations make up 20% of our industry members.


85% Industry Members
15% Academic Members

GALA Members worldwide

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Increase in member
check-in calls

A board member in Dublin and a university member in Auckland discovered they are both from the same small city in Spain.
A member doing important work on wellness and trauma interpreting learned how to share their events on our calendar.
A potential member found out that membership is for the entire company, not just one individual, and signed up so their staff can benefit.


"GALA is valuable for us in keeping up to date in the industry and recognising the importance of being part of the bigger localisation community. It shows to our clients and suppliers that we are in the loop and at the forefront of changes. It's also a great way of meeting different people and agencies in the industry."

Ruth Partington, EMPOWER Translate



special sessions to support early pandemic transitions and maintain a sense of community.


blogs and articles published including survey results to help keep fingers on the pulse of the industry.


learning sessions at GALA’s first virtual conference.


Jobs and press releases published by members.


registrations for webinars led by industry experts



"GALA trainings, webinars, and conferences are very useful to know new processes within the localization industry. And thanks to the very detailed insights, we've been able to maximize some processes already in place."

Raffaele Pascale, Venga Global



6 GALA LocMixers
worldwide with 200 + attendees

What is a LocMixer?

GALA Loc Mixers bring together translation and localization industry professionals to connect, share knowledge, and build professional communities. These gatherings are a fun, informal way to connect with local colleagues and peers. They are also a great visibility opportunity for the organizing member.

Members get free and discounted access to these and more! Become a member

12 Client and i18N Special Interest Group Meetings with 200 attendees.

"Based on our experience from GALA (events and webinars), we have implemented new processes in our workflows and gained insight into the current trends in the industry."

Lada Weygand, Alkemist Group



GALA is a community and a platform where people learn, share, and inspire one another. We are independent, not-for-profit, and global, making us a trustworthy source of information and an excellent vehicle for visibility.

In 2020, GALA rebranded with a website overhaul, and added more industry visibility opportunities.

"GALA gives us a presence and amplifies our reach to global markets."

Melissa Torres, Andovar



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"A sense of community has always been a central feature of GALA membership. 2020 gave us new opportunities to grow and strengthen that community and, in spite of the difficulties, GALA and its members came out leaner, more focused, and confident that we can adapt and succeed."

Allison Ferch, Executive Director