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E.g., 07/14/2020

TAUS Data Summit 2019

Wednesday, 26 June, 2019


Grand America Hotel
Salt Lake City, UT 0
United States

Focus and Format of the Summit

The focus of the summit is on the challenges and opportunities of managing and sharing language data in the translation industry. It will be a highly interactive meeting, with short presentations of use cases and experiences, followed by discussions with the participants. The discussions will be moderated by TAUS. The aim of the meeting is to deliver concrete and useful results. We plan to draft a roadmap of features and business rules for the new TAUS Data Market based on the discussions.

Objective of the Data Summit

The TAUS Data Summit will bring owners and producers of language data together with the ‘power users’ and MT developers to learn from each other and to find common ground and ways to collaborate. The objective of the one-day event is to define an open market for language data in which all parties can benefit.

Who should participate?

The TAUS Data Summit welcomes everyone who is concerned about the importance and value of language data, both producers and users of language data. The producers include everyone in the translation supply chain:

  • Translation buyers that may have their in-house production resources or outsource to translation vendors;
  • Language service providers with internal translation resources and external freelance resources;
  • Independent language professionals who provide translation, transcreation, editing, post-editing and consultancy services; (ask TAUS for special freelance registration fees)
  • Power users. Power users - in our definition - are the companies that have internal translation and language technology resources;
  • Dedicated MT and language technology development companies.