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E.g., 07/14/2020


Tuesday, 25 June, 2019 to Wednesday, 26 June, 2019


the Grand America Hotel
Salt Lake City, UT 0
United States

The TAUS CEO Forum is a gathering of eighty executives from the buy and supply sides of the global content industry aimed at establishing a global, AI-proof translation ecosystem.

Why this TAUS CEO Forum

The neural technology wave is remodeling the localization industry as we know it. Technology is on a path of self-learning and accelerating returns. AI researchers around the world expect that Machine Translation will reach the point of human parity no later than 2024. In December 2017, TAUS issued an emergency call to action to its members: Nunc Est Tempus! Now is the time to redesign your translation business.

And so it happened: the TAUS Modern Translation Pipeline with its built-in data feedback loops became the prototype for all of us ready to embrace the latest and greatest that technology can offer. Neural MT is now a given and Machine Learning is the new baseline technology for tomorrow’s automation. This enables us to imagine a translation process that is autonomous, enabling and even inciting us to do more valuable and creative work. If anything, these trends are opening up even more opportunities for the industry.  Business is good and there is room to grow. But we still need to cover our bases.

The TAUS CEO Forum is intended to take a close look at these fundamentals of the global content industry. Redrawing our individual translation businesses is unthinkable without fixing the broader translation ecosystem.