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TAUS Asia Conference & Exhibits

Tuesday, 01 October, 2019 to Thursday, 03 October, 2019



TAUS 25th Asia event in Singapore

Since 2005 TAUS has organized 25 events in Asia, but this is the first time that TAUS organizes a conference and workshops in Singapore. Today, the global language and translation industry are undergoing fundamental changes as a result of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, digital transformation of business and ongoing globalization. The TAUS Asia Conference and Workshops from October 9 to 11 are the single most important event in 2019 to attend for anyone, who wants to:

  • Be educated in new technologies and best practices for translation and localization;
  • Learn how to redesign translation processes;
  • Benchmark strategies for global intelligent content delivery with the CEOs and decision makers in other companies;
  • Meet new customers and new vendors for advanced language and localization technologies and services;
  • Meet the global talents and future workforce;
  • Be inspired by amazing breakthrough technologies and innovations.

From October 1 to 3, 2019, Singapore is the hub and knowledge center for anyone who is interested in the business of language and content delivery in and out of Asia.

The People

The TAUS Asia Conference is expecting an audience of between 200 and 300 people, representing the following constituencies:

  • Language service providers (30%). Business owners and executive managers from many of the leading translation companies from Asia and Japan, plus representatives from the top twenty global service providers. Many of them are members of TAUS.
  • Buyers of translation (30%). Globalization and translation managers from large multinationals with headquarters in Asia (China and Japan in particular) complemented with the localization executives from many of the TAUS members from North America and Europe. TAUS typically attracts many of the IT industry, but also companies in life sciences, manufacturing and financial sectors.
  • Students, academia and researchers (15%). Fifteen percent of the seats are reserved for students and their teachers, who will be offered a reduced registration fee. TAUS has more than twenty university members in China, Japan and other Asian countries.
  • Technology and solution providers (10%). We welcome companies developing software for translation and language processing, both from the west and from Asia. They will be attracted by the prestigious TAUS Game Changer Innovation Contest.
  • Translators (8%). We welcome individual translators, who often work as freelancers, to the conference. They typically do not travel far to conferences, so we anticipate that this section of the audience consists primarily of Singapore based translators.
  • Government bodies and NGOs (5%). Representatives from the local government and from other countries in Asia as well as NGOs active in translation are welcome to the conference.
  • Consultants, press (2%). Consultants and representatives from the press are welcome to the conference and are invited to cover the event in articles and analyst reports.

Collaboration Pavilion

A special exhibition area will be available for technology companies and universities that want to present and demonstrate their research programs and the latest product features. TAUS offers this exhibition as the Collaboration Pavilion.