E.g., 06/07/2020
E.g., 06/07/2020

2020-2021 Board Candidate: Noemi Clark Piva

Noemi Clark Piva
Athena Parthenos srl


Candidate Background

Passion for languages and cultures is my distinctive feature.

After graduating in 2011 in Comparative languages and cultures at the University of San Francisco, I immediately felt the desire to transform my craving for knowledge and love for languages in a life mission and founded Athena Parthenos, my translation agency based Italy. Athena aims not only at providing traditional translation services, but also at including a cultural approach to linguistic interactions, which is the real Art of Translation.

I understand and speak many languages and I use my free time to learn new ones. I am contantly interested in studying studying how cultures reflect in languages, cooking and movies and other daily life aspects. My team in the office says I am the one to turn to in case of doubts on Asian television or Star Wars localization issues.

Personal Statement

As demonstrated by the technological advances of these recent years, our industry and the IT sector are more intertwined than ever, laying the grounds for more advancements and industry growth. In most cases, progress is encouraged by large companies, which also have funds to invest in research.

However, I believe that even smaller companies can contribute significantly to the advancement. To be more specific, I believe that a greater collaboration between universities and translation companies would give more and more exciting results over time. Currently, most collaborations between universities and translation companies mainly concern internship programs in the company. If, on the other hand, we succeed in creating a collaboration that starts on a research level first and advances on a practical one through internships within the LSP with focus on implementing the aspects developed jointly, all parties would benefit. This collaboration, in fact, would continue to fuel the strong technological growth in our sector and would provide students with a broader knowledge of what careers are in our industry, including the range of opportunities that depend on translation but do not necessarily mean being a translator.

Furthermore, such collaboration would allow us to explore new areas in which languages and technologies complement each other. I am aware that creating this synergy between university and translation companies is not easy, which is why so far only a few universities have managed to establish a close collaboration with LSPs. At the same time, I believe that GALA, having already undertaken this path and being a contact point for so many realities, can do the difference. This is one of the aspects I would like to contribute to grow if I am elected.