E.g., 06/28/2020
E.g., 06/28/2020

2020-2021 Board Candidate: Kåre Lindahl

Kåre Lindahl
Venga Global


Candidate Background

Raised in Sweden, Kåre lived in the UK for 10 years before relocating to the US to join the IT boom in Silicon Valley. With over 20 years experience in high-tech gained by serving in executive roles within companies such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Hogia, Kåre is now CEO of Venga Global, a specialized full-service translation and localization company working with some of the biggest names in technology brands. Follow Kåre @karelindahl.

Personal Statement

After two years on the board of GALA, I am even more convinced of the importance of GALA as an Industry Association, playing an important role in bringing us together and to speak, educate, and lobby for our industry. My term on the board passed quickly and I would be honoured to represent you on the GALA board for two more years

The strength of GALA is in all of us members, the community and the various events and SIGs where we can interact, share, explore, and collaborate. As a member of the GALA Board, I have worked to encourage and facilitate conversations between our members. This is just another step in the direction that GALA has moved over the last few years of being more inclusive to all parties involved in the Globalization Industry. Having worked on both sides, client and supplier, I do not think there needs to be a barrier, I believe those of us that work in globalization are an exclusive group who face very similar problems. We are more likely to find solutions if we work together.

This is vital when we live in a time of fast-changing business environments and millions (or more probably billions) of new potential local consumers coming online - most expecting local language to make their purchase. Combine this with an ever-expanding amount of global content, these are times when our industry is needed more than ever.

That is why the board spent a large part of 2018/19 mapping out the GALA roadmap. As you will recall, at the conference in München this year, we agreed on our 5 Year Roadmap, a strategic framework for growth and outreach - all of which is very close to my heart. Helping grow GALA’s reputation within the Globalization and Localization industry is an important step in making the industry recognized by corporations and governmental organizations worldwide. By building a strong association we give each member a solid platform to support their own development and growth.

And this is why I am seeking your vote as a candidate for the GALA board for an additional two years.

Thank you for reading my statement!