E.g., 06/07/2020
E.g., 06/07/2020

2020-2021 Board Candidate: Dave Bryant

Dave Bryant
President & COO



Candidate Background

Dave Bryant is Dotsub’s COO and the Product Owner of Dotsub V3. During his career, he has spent time in sales, software development, and product management in high-tech before moving into executive management.

Dave helped build the growing team at Dotsub and was responsible for the conceptualization and development of Dotsub’s next generation Video Translation Management platform.

Personal Statement

Over the last year I have seen the work that GALA does for our industry up close, attending some meetings with other GALA members at conferences to discuss how GALA can help its members around the world and also sponsoring an executive get together in Brooklyn and I know I can help the GALA organization make a difference to both the localization industry and its members..

I am a relative newcomer to the language industry, about 7 years, although a veteran of high technology, and am experienced in standards committees and industry associations, ranging from communications standards in the late 1980’s to database standards and web based development tools in the late 2000s. I understand how to bring the wide variety of requirements and points of view from all parts of an industry together.

I am primarily a technologist and understand how the disruptive technologies finding their way into our industry can be used to benefit GALA and its members.

I have worked in segments of high tech that have evolved in the face of commoditization and automation, similar to the trends in our industry, to become stronger and more cohesive. There will be a time in our industry when proprietary is a bad thing and there is only one standard and we need to add value to those standards. While this journey may be different from those in the past, I believe my experience will help GALA in navigating these exciting, if a little daunting, times.

I understand how the sharing of information and knowledge can benefit all members of the industry and I will work to bring industry wide initiatives to all members to grow the reach and effectiveness of the globalization and localization industry.

I believe the role of GALA is to strengthen the position of GALA’s members, both individual and corporate, and to help them understand the future of the industry and how to get there. We need to move with the times and to understand new technologies and changing market currents that will impact all of us over the next few years.

GALA needs to work to maintain a fresh outlook and look forward and, while understanding our history, make sure we don’t fall into the “we’ve always done it this way” trap. There is an amazing array of new opportunities in our market and GALA needs to be there, helping its members take advantage of them.

In addition to the above, I will continue to strive to take advantage of my position within GALA and Dotsub benefit the world’s economies and populations by promoting the importance of making information available in many languages, whether in the 50% of New York City homes that don’t speak English, in India where 22 languages are spoken and all environments in between.

If elected I will make it my mission to work with the GALA team and fellow board members to help make GALA the organization that our industry needs.