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E.g., 07/16/2020

2008 GALA Volunteers

Thank you to all the members and sponsors who made our activities in 2008 possible!

Donations to GALA

  • Localization World: partner share revenue donation
  • SDL Passolo: donation from GALA member PASSOLO sales

Member Discount Offers

  • Across Systems GmbH
  • Advanced International Translations (AIT)
  • Andrä AG
  • Beetext
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • MultiCorpora
  • MultiLingual Computing
  • ProZ.com
  • Sisulizer
  • The CJK Dictionary Institute
  • The Localization Institute

2008 Webinar Series Presenters and Sponsors

  • Across Systems GmbH
  • Advanced International Translations (AIT)
  • Alchemy Software Development
  • Andrä AG
  • Beetext
  • Clay Tablet Technologies
  • Common Sense Advisory
  • Cross Language
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • Lingoport
  • Moravia Worldwide
  • MultiCorpora
  • ProZ.com
  • SDL TRADOS Technologies

Event Sponsors, Volunteers and Representatives

  • GALA Moderated Webcast on the SDL-Idiom Merger:   Daniel Carter (MCI), Kim Harris (text & form GmbH)
  • CSU Chico Localization Certification Program:   Daniel Carter: Marseille (MCI), Hans Fenstermacher: St. Louis (ArchiText, a division of Translations.com)
  • Networking Days: Kim Harris:   Paris & Lisbon (text & form GmbH), Gordon Husbands: Paris (Wordbank Ltd.), Arancha Caballero: Lisbon (TSG Glotas)
  • STC International Pavilion:   CETRA, LinguaLinx, Inc., MultiLingual Computing, MultiLingual Computing, Omnilingua Worldwide, SH3, The Localization Institute, TOIN, TransPerfect / Translations.com
  • GALA Speed Networking at LW Berlin:   Clay Tablet Technologies, VistaTEC
  • Passport to Localization at LW Berlin:   Alchemy Software Development, Arancho, CEET, Commit, CPSL, Cross Language, eLocalize, Human Science Company Ltd., iDisc, Jonckers Translation & Engineering, KCSL, Kilgray Translation Technologies, Language Weaver, Lido-Lang Technical Translations, Lionbridge, Merrill Brink International, Moravia Worldwide, Multicorpora, Multilingual QA Ltd., Saltlux, Skrivanek, Language Technology Centre Ltd., TOIN, Translations.com, VistaTEC, Welocalize
  • Gilbane San Francisco:   Stacy Lee Bersbach and Hui Zhu (Globalization Partners International)
  • Passport to Localization at LW Madison:   ACP Traductera, Across Systems GmbH, CEET Ltd., Commit, Cross Language, Lionbridge, Localization Institute, Multicorpora, Skrivanek, Tek Translations, TOIN, Welocalize
  • Chill Zone Sponsors for tcworld Annual Conference:   ADAPT Localization Services, Baguette Translations, Ccaps, Commit Inc., iDisc Information Technologies, S.L., Jonckers Translation + Engineering, Locatech GmbH, Moravia Worldwide, SAM Engineering GmbH, text & form GmbH, thebigword Group, TOIN Corporation, WISE Concetti Ltd., Across Systems GmbH, Magnum Group, Andrä AG , Rosario Traducciones y Servicios, ACP TRADUCTERA, Author-it Software Corporation Ltd., Cross Language n.v., Detroit Translation Bureau GmbH, MAGIT, MultiLingual Computing, Inc., Wratislavia Translation House
  • Chill Zone Sweets for tcworld Annual Conference:   1-Stop Translation, Adapt, Andrä AG, BENEXtra, Centrum Lokalizacji C & M Sp. z o.o., Commit, Cross Language, Jonckers, Logrus International, Moravia Worldwide, Rosario Traducciones y Servicios, TOIN
  • Localization Latin America:   Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)

Pro Bono Translations for GALA

  • Mother's Day Localized webpage: Andovar Pte., Ltd., Commit, Eyron, iDisc, eLocalize, LidoLang, TOIN
  • GALA marcom material translations: Wordbank, ENLASO, text & form GmbH and [email protected]
  • GALA tagline review: Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus), Spyros Konidaris (COMMIT), Shirley Yeng (E-C Translation)
  • tekom "Chill Zone" translations: Kim Harris (text & form), Vilma Sieli (Commit), Istvan Lengyel (Kilgray Translation Technologies), Renata Keprtova (Moravia Worldwide), Fabiano Cid (Ccaps), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International), and Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation)

PR Efforts

  • Media Spokespersons:   Matthias Caesar (Locatech GmbH) & Michael Sank (TransPerfect / Translations.com)
  • PR Volunteers:   Beth Walsh (Across), Priscilla Midgeley (Conversis Global), Renato Beninatto, Melissa Gillespie (Common Sense Advisory), Chris Raulf, John Watkins (ENLASO), Martin Spethman and Stacy Lee Bersbach (Globalization Partners International), Nic McMahon (Jonckers), Hannah Grap (Language Weaver), Cynthia Spiers and Kathleen Bostick (Lionbridge), Bob Donaldson and Shelly Priebe (McElroy Translation), Orad Elkayam (MOGI), Amy Chilla (thebigword), Brittany Bodart (TransPerfect), Gordon Husbands (Wordbank LTD)


  • Localization Certification Program Advisory Board:   Daniel Carter (MCI), María Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)
  • Executive Director Search Committee:   Inger Larsen (Larsen G11n), Beatriz Bonnet (Syntes Language Group), Hans Fenstermacher (ArchiText, a division of Translations.com), Stephen Ryan (Moravia Worldwide), Kim Harris (text & form GmbH)
  • Localization World Marketing Committee (GALA Representative):   Kevin Fountoukidis (Argos)
  • Localization World Program Committee:   Peter Reynolds (MAart Agency Ltd.)
  • Standards Committee:   Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International)
  • tekom Program Committee:   Matthias Caesar (Locatech GmbH), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Thomas Deibjerg (TechniWrite ApS)

GALAxy Authors

  • Beth Walsh (Across)
  • BENEXtra (KyoungYeon Won)
  • Fabiano Cid (Ccaps)
  • Gary Muddyman (Conversis)
  • Nicholas McMahon (Jonckers)
  • Julia Figueroa (Julia Figueroa ST & LS)
  • Jurek Nedoma (Lido-Lang Technical Translations)
  • Didier Hélin (Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.)
  • Kathleen Bostick (Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.)
  • Bob Donaldson (McElroy Translation)
  • Shelly Priebe (McElroy Translation)
  • Daniel Carter (MedCom International)
  • Libor Safar (Moravia Worldwide)
  • Gary Prioste (Welocalize)
  • Gordon Husbands (Wordbank Ltd.)

GALA Board

  • Kim Harris (text & form GmbH)
  • Arancha Caballero (TSG Glotas)
  • Matthias Caesar (Locatech GmbH)
  • Michael Sank (TransPerfect / Translations.com)
  • María Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)

GALA Advisory Council

  • Hans Fenstermacher (ArchiText, a division of Translations.com)
  • Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory)
  • Gordon Husbands (Wordbank)
  • Francis Tsang (Adobe)


  • GALA LinkedIn Interest Group — Shawn Wang (thebigword)

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