Tackling Localization Challenges of Indian Languages

07 February 11:00 EST

Join Isha Sahu, Manager of Business Process Re-engineering and Audits at Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd., for this webinar that will highlight the challenges of meeting the quality and demands of the ever-growing localization industry in India.

As a fast growing world economy, India is one of the largest consumers of electronics, software and hardware, education, medical, gaming and retail sectors. Every company trying into break this world market is met with the challenge of reaching these 1.2 billion people speaking different languages.

During this webinar, Isha will discuss the following challenges encountered on a daily basis to meet the quality and demands of the ever-growing localization industry in India.

  • Localization as an industry has not been recognized by the Indian government yet which had led to:
    • Lack of Language Standards leading to varied translation quality
    • Lack of certified translators – lack of professional language courses
  • The technology of the localization industry in India is always a step behind the rest of world.
    • CAT tool-educated translators are very few
    • Perspective Issues – Acceptance of CAT tools is very low
  • Unicode Operatability and support is still a crucial aspect of Indian languages
  • Language DTP of print and electronic data
  • Mobile Industry Challenge – Space v/s Meaning

About the presenter

As Manager of Business Process Re-engineering and Audits, Isha Sahu has been responsible for rethinking and redesigning processes for bringing significant improvement in customer service especially influencing cost, quality, and turnaround time. Before this, she headed the Localization Business Unit at Braahmam for 4 years and was responsible for managing business for all large accounts.

Her interests are new learning paradigms, organizational development, collaborative partnerships, and business returns on information and training investments. She is credited for keeping Braahmam ISO 9001:2008 compliant since 2009 and has successfully implemented new ISO and business processes within the organization.

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