GALA Webinar: MultilingualWeb-LT: Putting the World in World-Wide Web

24 May 11:00 EDT (17:00 CEST)

The MultilingualWeb-LT project, a European Commission-funded program run through the World Wide Web Consortium, is developing metadata (information about processes, requirements, etc.) to support multilingual and international content on the Internet and in XML documents.  Join Dave Lewis, one of the project leads, and Arle Lommel, GALA Standards Coordinator, for a discussion about the project, its outcomes, and how individuals and companies can get involved in defining the future of the web.

This effort has the potential to impact everyone in the localization and translation community, from content creators to project managers to freelance translators, by helping to ensure that they have the information they need to get their work done and deliver the highest quality. This project needs your feedback to ensure that your needs will be met.

More information on the MultilingualWeb-LT project is available here.

For technical discussion of specific metadata items, click here.

The public is also invited to participate in a workshop that the project will be holding in Dublin 11-13 June.


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