Local Networking Events

Rosario, Argentina | November 2010


Local networking events are one of the many ways GALA carries out its mission to create communities. Local events bring industry colleagues together to share information, network, and create professional connections.


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Interested in hosting a networking event in your area? ! All you need to do is provide ground support by reserving a table or venue and taking a few photos. GALA will do the rest by sending invitations, collecting RSVPs, and getting the word out. These gatherings are simple to plan and a fun way to connect with local colleagues and peers.


Photos from past events

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Recent Events

GALA members have organized local networking events in cities around the world including London, Rosario, Tokyo, Chicago, Kiev, and many, many more, including:


22 November 2013 Delhi, India
07 November 2013 Wiesbaden, Germany
25 September 2013 Limerick, Ireland
21 September 2013 Los Angeles, USA
20 May 2013 Kiev, Ukraine
23 April 2013 Portland, USA
18 April 2013 Dublin, Ireland
26 February 2013 Barcelona, Spain
23 January 2013 Dallas, USA
29 November 2012 Tokyo, Japan
13 November 2012 Toronto, Canada
09 November 2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina
07 November 2012 Minneapolis, USA
23 October 2012 Wiesbaden, Germany
19 October 2012 Seattle, USA
09 October 2012 San Francisco, USA
16 August 2012 San Francisco, USA
23 July 2012 Brooklyn, USA
19 June 2012 Orlando, USA
17 April 2012 Barcelona, Spain
30 March 2012 Sofia, Bulgaria
22 February 2012 Sophia Antipolis, France